It's not just about us.

A week or so ago, my bestie Nic and I got into a fight.  A "we didn't talk for 24 hours straight" kinda fight.  Which is a big deal for us.  We have talked at least once a day for almost three years now.

Like 99% of the worlds problems, it was due to a misunderstanding and raging hormones.

I am ashamed to admit, but in my hurt and anger, I posted that "feel sorry for me" facebook status, looking for sympathy.  It's something I rarely do, I promise.  Those kinds of post usually drive me crazy too.  I got the sympathy I was looking for and even though it might have not been the right thing to do, I did get some comfort in knowing I'm not the only one who can feel that way at times.

A friend commented on the status that maybe it was time for a change and in my anger and hurt feelings, I agreed.  Maybe, it was time to move on?  I started thinking about what life would look like if our paths diverged.

Late that evening, I was still worked up and told Dave I had to get out to go walk.  I had to get my frustrations out.  After three and a half miles, my mind was starting to clear and my feelings starting to repair. I've come to learn in the past year that getting out and running (or walking at the moment) is my best meditation.  It's when I think the clearest and pray the most.  It's honestly when my life most the most sense to me.

While out walking that evening, it occured to me....

It's not just about us.

There are three little people involved.


Three little people who have known each other for their entire lives.

Three little people who have spent vacations together.

Three little people who have shared countless lunches and dinners together.


Three little people who have spent summers by the pool together and rainy days playing dress up.


Three little people who have literally seen each other on a weekly basis for pretty much their entire lives.


Three little people who have formed a relationship right along with Nic and I. 

The other day I introduced you to my life long best friend Alison.  I mentioned that its one of my biggest prayers that both my girls have a life long friend like Alison.  Nic and I talk a lot about keeping the girls close so they can both have a life long friend like Alison.  However, its easy to forget that these relationships take time and don't happen just over night.

One of our favorite blog post was written by a mom of a teenager daughter years ago (unfortunately I cannot find it) and the mom wrote a letter to her daughter about how she was the one who had strategically placed that certain friend in her daughters life.  Our girls were young, but we realized the importance of what this "wiser" mom was saying and how true her words were.  Parents are the ones who have the most influence over their child's friends.  This is something I greatly believe to be true. 

Twenty four hours later, we finally broke down...things were explained better, apologizes were given, love you's exchanged, and the promise to put it behind us and to move on.

Because it's not just about us.


Anonymous said…
It's so hard to fight with friends! I am so glad you guys worked everything out ♥
Have a great weekend!
Amy K.
kimmer said…
Girlfriends...we need each other like we need air. It's so great that the children are such good friends too...but in the big picture it's the love and support we give and get from our best friends that support us and help us. There sometimes are ups and downs, but always with your true friends you find your way back. I'm so glad you worked it out. Take good care!
Tristan said…
my best friend and i understand that we are more like "sisters" and sisters seem to bicker at times..ha..i've never had a sister so we have had some major meltdowns...what's most important is we just grow from them!

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