Easter Fail.

I hate to admit it, but I have not put much thought into Easter this year.  With all the stuff going on pregnancy wise the past few weeks, it just hasn't been on my mind.  Plus, don't get me started about how Easter is so early this year.  I really think that it should only be allowed to happen in April, not that anyone asked me.

At the beginning of the week though, we dove into Easter activities.

Let's be honest, a holiday week is a homeschool moms time to shine. 

Cue craft and fun activity overload. 

We've mostly been using bits and pieces of Easter Pre-school packs from Confessions of a Homeschooler and Over The Big Moon.

Since Monday was another cold and windy day in Georgia (I've decided the song Rainy Night in Georgia should be changed to Cold and Windy in Georgia because that pretty much describes the past two months), I decided to bust out the fun activities first day of the week, which is something I rarely do (save it for the end of the week when we're both about to lose it). I found a shaving cream egg art on Pinterest and though the craft part of it turned out to be a bust for us, once she got used to it, she had a ball playing in the shaving cream.  She played in it for over an hour and only got out because I made her since lunch was ready.

Tuesday we played Easter Letter Bingo and she had fun with this egg matching game I also found on Pinterest.  Wednesday we took a break from actual school work and dyed eggs. 

However, though our week has been filled with Easter fun, I have failed to get the true meaning of Easter thru to her.

We had talked a little each day about what Easter means and reviewed our Resurrection Eggs (and Nic, I know you just said it in your mind how its supposed to be said), but I'll be honest, I was having a hard time explaining it. 

By Tuesday afternoon, listening to her talk over and over again about how excited she was for eggs and candy was literally making me sick to my stomach. 

I had already used our storybook bible to try to explain but the story was a little too long and above the head for her.  So, I started just improvising.  Obviously, it wasn't working. 

As the day went on, I would cringe each time she would mention eggs and candy.  It got so bad, I jumped up, told Dave that I had to run to the store to get something to make her start to understand better, and was out the door in less than ten minutes.

I'm not one to talk continuously about religion or even that great about being at church every Sunday, but it was killing me she was being so "commercial" about it.  I told David I felt like it was a big parent fail.

After a quick trip to the bookstore and $20 later, I came home with some real meaning of Easter.

We've been reading them all each time we sit down to read and I'm hoping it is starting to sink in just a little.

The Easter Story and The Story of Easter (I cannot find a link to it online but got it at BAM)are quick and easy read which break the Easter story down as simply as possible. 

The Berenstain Bears are a favorite of Olivia's.  For about a year now, she has been in love with them and even though they are kinda wordy, she will sit and listen to them word for word and then ask you to re-read it.  When I saw the Easter Story version sitting on the bookstore shelf, I knew that was our golden ticket (plus it came with stickers which are my child's love language).  It was like it was sent from Heaven above when I opened it up and saw that the story begins with brother and sister bear talking about how excited they were for all the Easter candy (the story goes on to explain the real meaning of Easter). Of course, that one has been her favorite and she has asked repeatedly to read it the past couple of days.

She has quit with the consistent candy and eggs talk, but I still feel like I've completely failed at explaining the true meaning of Easter this go round. 

However, next year, I'll be ready for it. 


Anonymous said…
Your heart is in the right place. I can't tell you how much i agree with the sound of candy and eggs being repulsing.
By introducing the books and all you are doing the best thing for Olivia at her age. When our kids get a little older they will really be able to understand it even more.
You're a good person Amber. I miss you.
A. Polk
Tristan said…
aw..lol..there is always next year..and it is way too early this year!!

have you seen the little book "what is easter?" it's our favorite!

if you ask t-a why we have easter she says "Jesus lives!!!!!"...and then she says but i wuv dat cuuuuute little bunny..LOL
Nicole said…
Do the Holy Week chart and act it out! Josie memorized the events that first year. Gabe loved it this year too. Plus it's way easy.

Ressur-ection eGGS are a flop for us but for 90% off ill take them out each year just to remember what a bargain they were!

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