Insta-Friday on Saturday

We're headed home from the beach today, so I thought I'd leave you with some pictures of our week through Insta-gram.

 Last Friday, she did not wake up till after 8am.  
This has only happened like twice in the past almost three years.

 We've been going back about cutting her hair for some time now.  She wanted long like Tangled and I wanted it short since she doesn't like me putting it up.  I finally decided shes too young to make these decisions and mama gets the final word.  She was not a fan and was not still at all for the poor girl who cut it.  It has one little wonky spot, but otherwise its super cute and I'm planning on keeping it short for some time now.  

Friday night dinner date with Daddy, Nana, & Papa at Cracker Barrel.  
One of my all time favorite places to eat! Yums!

Sunday morning cartoons at the beach with Daddy.

Beach storm

Flying a "real" kite


Mamarazzi strikes again!


She played hard.

Watching fireworks from the safety of the kitchen.

We're lazy bums.

It's 3pm here, but 5 o'clock somewhere.

A life lesson during morning coffee.

Linking up with Jeannett for Insta-Friday:

Have a Great Weekend! : )


Tristan said…
yay for your goal accomplishment..woo!!

t-a's hair is so curly she will prob be 5 before it is cut..ahah!

beach looks fun!

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