A sign in the yard

Well, there is a sign in our yard and our house is officially for sale.

We've spent the past week doing more stuff around the house than we've done in the past two years combined.

It's amazing what a little motivation can do.

We called one of our friends we worked in the real estate business years ago, and after doing a little bit of research, we decided "why not?"  Currently, there are only eight other houses in our school district for sale within a $50,000 price range and after looking at the pics of a few of them, we thought we might have a shot, even with the few things we need to address around here.

I'm not getting my heart on it selling quickly.  If it takes a year to sell, I'd be okay with that.  I worked in the business long enough to know it can take time.  Which that is a big reason why we're putting it up now.  We don't want to be under pressure to sell it by a certain time when David gets promoted again. I honestly have a feeling we won't have many people even come and look at it.  Not saying it won't sale, we just are not in a price range we'll have many people tromping in and out.  Luckily, things in our neighborhood have still been selling really well even with the market like its been the past few years.

A couple of people have asked and I didn't really say it clearly in my last post, but we are planning on renting for the next few years.  When we sell this house, we'll move back to the county we lived in when we first got married (oh yay....not), but it is closer to David's work so it only makes sense.  Our main goal is to be relocatable. Dave mentioned what we were doing to the guy who decides where (and when) he goes next and he agreed it was a good idea and time.....gulp.

(April 2011)


Kameron said…
Did you say $50,000? I need to move to GA!!!!
Kameron said…
Nevermind. I'm an idiot. Within $50,000. LOL

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