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  • We made it back from the beach on Saturday and I swear, I just haven't been able to get it together these past few days.  I feel like I've been in the weirdest mood lately.  One minute I feel like I just want to be left alone and then the next, I'm scrolling through facebook feeling left out of life. Does any of that make sense?
  • I'm ready for summer to be over. It has just seemed like a long and boring summer this year.  This is probably one of the first times in my life I've ever said that.....take that back, I'm sure I said it the summer I was pregnant.  That was a long summer too.  Starting in September, we have a busy fall and I'm ready for life to get busy again. I'll also go ahead and say it...I'm ready for the holidays this year. I may or may not have debated turning on a little Christmas music earlier, but I haven't gotten that desperate yet. 
  • David and I have been talking about putting our house up for sale at the beginning of next year. We have a few things we need to do before we think its ready for showings, so we'll see if it actually happens.  We have made it very vocal around his work that we're ready to be moved to a different location for his next position and though that could be years away, we were thinking "let's put it on the market and see what happens" kinda thoughts.  Kinda thinking along the lines of that since we don't need to sell it, that might be the best time to try to sell it.  Even if we don't have to move for his next position, we've been talking heavily the past few months about downsizing anyway.  3700 sq. feet is a little much for only three people.  Lots of space to clean.  So, we'll see......its scary, a little sad, and exciting all at the same time.
  •  A few people have asked how the potty training is going and I'm happy to report its getting better with each day.  We've only had one or two days since the first week, that it seems she's totally forgot what she was doing.  Otherwise, she's gotten the hang of being a big girl.  We do however still use pull ups for night time.  I think it will still be awhile till she's COMPLETELY potty trained.
  • We had bookclub last night and it was my turn to host.  We read To Kill A Mockingbird and it was a big hit with everyone.  The last time I read it was in eighth grade and I remember it being one of my favorite books we read in school.  It was fun to re-read it as an adult and have new, somewhat wiser, view on it.  I would highly recommend giving it an re-read if you haven't in awhile.  There is a reason it always makes the "best of all time" lists. 
  • The heat has been brutal for runs these past few weeks.  Runs have seemed so hard and I haven't been happy with them at all lately.  Maybe that's actually why I'm so ready for the fall???  I've started getting up at 4:30 am to run most mornings and I though I consider myself to be a morning person, four thirty is too early. However, it is when you can find the coolest temps of the day, so I guess I will have to keep it up a another month or so. The true problem is that by the time I get back from my runs, Olivia is already up and going strong.  By nine a.m., I'm ready for a nap.
  •  I signed David and I up for a night race this Saturday.  We're planning on making it a date night and adding a kids free dinner in there afterwards. It's either my best idea yet...or he might be hating me on Saturday evening.
  •  It's 2pm and I'm still in my pajamas while my kid is running around in her underwear.  It doesn't look to promising that I'm going to get dressed today. 
  • And since every blog post needs a picture


Tristan said…
there is a christmas movie marathon on the hallmark channel on saturday :)

and OK looks just like you..woah!
Kameron said…
That is a lot to have on your mind! If they did move you would it be far from where you are now? It seems you have a lot of good friends there.

I love To Kill a Mockingbird. I haven't read it in ages either! I might have to give it another go!

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