Clearing my head

I've got nothing today.

After blogging for a week straight (did ya notice?), I'm out of things to say.

Today has by no means been a bad day, its just been one of those in which I cannot tell you how many times I've looked at the clock and thought "It's only____ o'clock?!?!"  

My mom and I had a long conversation this morning about God and his blessings.  It was one that has had me thinking all day.  I think I need to sit on it a little longer though before I decide if I want share my opinion on it.

OK and I are heading out this evening to sign her up for dance.  I've been debating if I want to sign her up for gymnastics too.  It would only be an hour of dance and an hour of gymnastics a week, but I'm afraid is that too much too soon when adding in pre-k three days a week?  I totally agree with the issues of over scheduling kids, but OK is one that likes to stay busy and signing her up for both would give us at least something to do five days a week for at least an hour each, I just don't know....

Speaking of which....I'm going to go ahead and make my plea that I'm ready for summer to be over with and school to start back up.  We are starting to get a little bored and ready to get back into a schedule.  The fact that it has seemed to be dreadfully hot all summer long, has not helped (remember when we were swimming in March here).  Normally, we stay outside when it warms up, but its been way to hot.  When I went to run at 5am yesterday morning, it was still 81 degrees outside.  Ugh! I can usually stand the heat, but I don't remember it being this hot for this long. I'm ready for fall and the (slightly) cooler temps.  Unfortunately, Olivia's pre-k doesn't start back till a month from tomorrow....not that I'm counting down or anything.  I'll try to keep my complaining to a minimum over the next month. 

I'm ready for my friend to come home.  I've been pretty busy over the past few weeks and we've talked everyday, but I still know she's not right down the road.  Which honestly makes me a little scared about when we do move.

I somehow missed posting one of my favorite pics from our weekend away.  Its a little blurry, but her little pen mustache is too cute not to share.

And I've been dwelling over this the past week or so.

Happy Thursday.


Tristan said…
haha..her pen!

I know people that do 6 weeks of dance and 6 weeks of gymnastics..sadly the little girls that do dance totally mess up the other girls while they do gymnastics..LOL..they want to dance on the trampoline and DANCE!!, our gym has made that rule that you can't do both the same time as dance..but our gym is competitive gymnastics and are freaks about everything being just right.
But there are gymnastics class at certain places that don't compete and its all fun!! I've seen those and they look super cool!
T-A is so ridiculous now she will not stray from her pointed toe on beam..haha..she loves it now,but who knows if she will love it later!
Anonymous said…
If you get to choose your teacher, you must choose Kelli Betz. She is the best :) I might be a little biased, as she is my Godaughter.....but, other people have noticed it, too ♥
Amy King
Anonymous said…
for dance at Studio D, that is....
Nicole said…
Dang, you sure do love me!

And don't get me started on you moving. I can handle McDonough, but farther then that and I better upgrade my car so I can come frequently to wherever you land.

four days. maybe we should double up on Supper Club next week.
Andrea said…
We love Miss Kelli too!! MK still remembers her and we skipped a year! We are signing MK up again too! I love that quote! SOOOO true!!

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