A Different Kind of Date Night

After the July 4th race, I started searching for all the up coming races in our area.  I quickly came across one happening the following weekend.  It was a night race which works better with our schedule and even better, it was benefiting the little boy of a friend of a friend (not sure I worded that correctly?).  I secured a babysitter and then talked David into running with me so we could make it a date night.

It was possibly the worst/best idea I have ever had.

I have not ran at night in about two months now and Saturday night was nothing but a reminder of why.

It seriously felt like we were running through hell itself.  It was so hot and humid, you could barely breathe. 

Plus, the three pieces of pizza I ate for lunch did not help.
I know,  I know better....

Oh, and the race route was hilly.  Very hilly.  Like the entire course was hills.  Yeah, they kindly forgot to mention that till right before we started the race.

We had a lot stacked against us.

We stopped and walked several times.  Not saying this bragging, but I honestly cannot remember the last time I stopped to walk during a run.  I'm only saying that to show you it was that bad.  I remember several times swearing that I would never run a night race during the summer again.

However, we finished and we didn't do as bad as I thought we had. 

Dave #125/262 35:10
Me #126/262 35:11

 *Please note the 8 year old trying to out run us....In our defense, he only ran the last .2 miles*

 However, as we jumped in the car and headed off for dinner, the first thing out of our mouths was "that wasn't that bad."  Though I can promise you we were dying just moments before, but we were already talking about our "next" race. 

The racing bug has bitten for sure.

I might just turn him into a runner after all. 

And because you all know my favorite thing to do is eat my words....

My next race is in August at 7pm.


Tristan said…
go you!!!!
haha..i would die.
Kameron said…
I hate running when it is hot and humid! I never thought I'd be a cold weather runner when I started, but I love it!

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