As you all know by now, I am not a fan of spontaneity.  I know I've seen it on pinterest before, a quote saying "I'm a fan of spontaneity, as long as it is carefully planned." That describes me to a T.

On Sunday morning, Dave called from work and said "hey, I can take two days off this week.  Let's leave tomorrow and go somewhere."

Leaving to go somewhere for two days with less than a 24 hour notice.....I can finally live life on the edge and say, I'm in.

So, we threw a bag together, threw OK in the car, and headed north to Chattanooga two days.

We grabbed a hotel room downtown near all the attractions,  parked our car for two days, and walked all over town.
We went to see the fishes at the aquarium. 
We played in the fountain in our undies (just OK, not the adults).
We ate out at new restaurants and drank margaritas as big as our heads (just me, not the responsible adult or Olivia).
We swam in the hotel pool past our normal bedtime.
We walked down the street for ice cream even after we had swam past our bedtime.
We went and played at the Children's Museum until the rest of town got there.

 And we had a blast.

Here's the past 48 hours in pictures:


 It was fun to get away with just the three of us for a couple of days.  We honestly always seem to head out of town with others.  At one point, Olivia said "I love us!"  It made my heart swell.

It was also fun to get away and no one really know where we were.  We didn't tell either of our parents where we went.  We felt like such rebels.  Yes, we are thirty years old, but we're still close to our parents like that.  We turned off our phones, got off facebook (and even instagram!) and spent the two days just us.  I only talked to one other person the entire 48 hours (Don't you feel special now, Alison! ).  Sometimes, you just need a break from it all.

We could have seriously just taken Olivia to the hotel and not spent another dime on doing anything else.  Do you remember the line from Talladega Nights "I'm all jacked up on Mountain Dew!!!" Well, the line of the weekend was "I'm all jacked up on hotel!!!"  The kid was running around like crazy when we were at the hotel.  To the point it was hilarious.  I would highly recommend the Hampton Inn & Suites Downtown if your going to stay in Chattanooga.  It was newly remodeled, clean, awesome customer service, a great pool (Olivia's favorite part and I failed to get a picture of it), comfy beds, and close enough to all the attractions to walk. 

I highly recommend being spontaneous every once and awhile. Those always seem to turn out to be the most perfect days (and trips)! : )


Thank you for the sweet and encouraging words I got on here and facebook from my post on Monday. You now know why I haven't responded to any of them.  I really hope my post didn't come across as "whoa is me" or feel sorry for me, because that's not what I was wanting.  I honestly wrote it from a peaceful and happy heart.  It was just something I need to get out on paper (or computer screen).  The older I get, the better I am understanding I am not the one in control of my life, he is.  I know there is no clue as to what will happen in the future, but I have to prepare myself for the possibilities. Sometimes, our dreams just need a new direction and that was more where I was heading with that post.  Regardless, I'm excited about new dreams and what's in store for our future.  Again, the sweetness is greatly appreciated.  You guys are the best! : )


Jennifer said…
I love this! How fun to just get away right in the middle of the week all together as a family. Looked like so much fun! (o:
Kameron said…
I am a megaplanner too. When I was pregnant with Arielle my hubby called me right after I had arrived at work on a Thursday and said, come home, let's go to Montreal...as in Canada. I freaked out for 20 minutes and then just gave in. I came home , packed, and we started driving! It turned outto be a blast!
Tristan said…
looks like such fun!!!
gillespmom1617 said…
I feel so special!!! Although you can always ignore me when needed! Glad y'all had a good time and got away!
Anonymous said…
I am the same way!!! NEVER been on a trip with no sort of plan :) We are heading to the desert next weekend. We've never been out there....and I'm stressed! Where will we eat???...will we find all the cool stuff to do???....(sigh) I'm trying to learn to go with the flow :) We went to Chatanooga a couple years ago! It was a fun place. Glad you got away :) Amy King

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