Happy New Year,,,,,eight days late!

Happy New Year!!! Is it okay to say that on the 8th of January?

Good, cause I just said it.

I obviously took a little break last week without even meaning too. It was a hard "back to reality from the holidays" for me this year.

It seriously wasn't until Thursday that I felt like actually getting up and doing something productive and that was only because my husband needed some uniforms washed.

It also could be contributed to the fact that it was 30 flipping degrees here most of the week. You all know just how much I love the cold weather...cough, cough. I may or may not have refused to leave the house on the coldest day of the week, with my excuse being that it was "too cold" to go outside. Luckily, it was in the 60's by the end of the week and I could leave the house again.

I may or may not have been begging David to ask the Waffle to transfer us to Florida these past few weeks. The older I get....the more I cannot take the cold.

Okay, I quit my whining now. Considering its only January and y'all know you have at least a whole month and a half more of me complaining.

Despite my hard come down to reality and the cold, I'm excited about the new year. Between facebook, blogs, and even pinterest, I noticed it was either "2011 was the best year ever!" or "good riddance 2011!" I'd say we were in that later group.

We were excited to see 2011 come to an end. It was a tough year for us. I won't relive it all since I've talked about most of it on here prior, but its simplest to say....lots happened.

However, we've decided that it wasn't all in vain and have marked it as the year of lessons learned. We both feel like we've walked away from 2011 learning more about ourselves, our marriage, our role as parents....the list could go on.

We've spent a lot of time these past couple of weeks talking about this past year and what we expect from 2012. We've decided for 2012 we're making no plans for our family this year.

This year, is our year of now.

Our goal this year is to live in the day and enjoy the moment we're in now. Yes, I know we should be doing this already, but we're both by nature planners. We're the type of people that as soon as we reach one milestone, we're planning for the next. We're always planning something, especially when it comes to our lives and this year the only plans we have, are two (hopefully, if not one fore sure) awesome vacations.

No job plans, no adding to the family plans, no major house plans....

Obviously things will happen throughout the year, but those things will be whatever comes our way, nothing that we've tried to plan.

Does any of this make sense to anyone but us? I'm thinking probably not.

We're looking at it as taking the year off and enjoying whatever comes our way.

I do have one goal I'm working on for this new year for myself, but I'll share that in a later post. I don't like the word resolution, so I stick with calling them goals.

I was looking over my goals for last year and I was shocked to see that I was pretty successful on three out of the four! I think that pretty good results, especially since one I wouldn't call so successful, I still actually kept up with till Summer before I fell off the wagon....I'm sure you can take a wild stab at which one that was!

So, we're heading into this year with excitement and no plans! I can say that after only eight days, things are already looking good.


Tristan said…
yay for a new year..i think it was a good one!

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