A Mommy Confession

I have a confession...

I'm not a fan of "getting on the floor" and playing with my child.

It's nothing against my child personally, it's any child. No matter how hard I try, I just cannot enjoy sitting down and playing.

It's my down fall as a mom, I suck at the "get on the floor" and playing thing.

These past two weeks, like the rest of the country, we've been stuck inside due to the rain and I think I've sat down and played with her more than the last two years combined.

Regardless, I just cannot get in it when we do. I sit there thinking of a thousand other things I could be doing and as stupid as it may sound, her and I usually end up arguing over something. Yeah, I can argue like the best of them with a two year old. But, I'm trying. I'm really trying. It may sound bad, but even me sitting down to play just once a day for 15 minutes is really good for me.

Before you report me to family services, I want to state that David more than makes up for my sucky-ness at getting on the floor and playing. Every single day, he walks in the door and the second thing out of her mouth is "let's go play daddy!" and he's awesome in the fact that even after a fourteen hour day, he obliges her EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!

I do pour into her in other ways throughout the day. We've in the past month or so, settled into a nice routine in the morning of cuddling in our bed while watching Curious George. We also have "quiet time" (aka reading time) at least once a day if not twice most days. Plus, we're big believers of her learning already to help around the house. Any chore I attack during the day, she's right there beside me. The girl can already fold a washcloth like she works at a laundry mat and she knows where the dishes go when unloading the dishwasher better than her daddy. True story.

Oh and I'm the official coloring partner...

That is one Mommy job I'm awesome at.


The Popes said…
Is that your awesome art she's holding up?!?!

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