Things making me smile this week...

A sleeping baby in the back seat
Okay, I guess I should technically say "toddler"

Lunch dates at Atlanta bread

Cleaning out half of the garage, so I can get my car back in it.
You guys know I've been complaining about having to get in it in the cold.

Clear Blue Skies

Having enough leftovers in the fridge that allow me to get away with not cooking a few days.

Finally starting on a project that has been on the project list awhile now.

Realizing I only have 200 pages left in a book it feels like I've been reading forever.
I cannot seem to finish it, yet I cannot just abandon it.

Tiny ballet flats

Weather warm enough to allow our restless self's some outside time

A pant-less girl sporting her mama's shades

Late night forts

Putting up tents in the middle of the playroom

A certain two year old suddenly deciding she'll eat some type of meat
Disregard the fact its fried and dipped in Chic-fil-a steps, baby steps...

Coffee Dates with the hubs

Good dental check ups

What's making you smile this week?


The Popes said…
Ohhh! Loved this post! In face, it made me smile.
Anonymous said…
I smiled this week because:
-My kids are great! Really great! Like good grades, good people great :)
-And, My hubby brought me home a pack of chocolate "turtles" 'cause he knows they are my favorite.
-And I get to get on a plane tomorrow and fly away....and maybe even have a first class seat!
-And your post made me smile, too!
Amy King
Tristan said… i suppose..haha..
t-a is sooo sick..blah!!

BUT. atleast we are warm and have some good tv :)

love your list and OK in her Elmo tee!

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