Loving it...

January is coming to an end (thank goodness...its always long to me) so I thought I'd share what I've been loving this month.

1. The BIG winner this month...

Downton Abbey

Heaven help me....I don't know what it is, but I am addicted to this show! I mentioned a few weeks ago that I keep hearing about this show on a few of my favorite blogs so decided to check it out. I watched the first season in 24 hours and yes, my child was totally ignored that day...I threw food at her between each episode and she survived. I find myself watching the re-runs that I watched just the week before on Friday nights when Davids at work and interrupting David as he's trying to make new friends at our new church, just so we can hurry to make the new episode on Sunday night. I decided the other night that one of the reasons I love it is because its not smutty like everything else on tv these days. No offense to anyone, but I cannot stand a minute of The Bachelor or The Kardashions. Those types of shows make me sick. Downton Abbey is full of "adult situations" but you can seriously watch it in front of your kids. I seriously love everything about this show and will cry when it ever comes to an end. Season one can be found on Netflix and season two is currently on Sunday nights at nine. There are a lot of different story lines & relationships going on between the characters so I highly suggest you watch season one to figure out what is going one before just picking up with season two.

(My apologizes for the one continuous run on sentence that paragraph turned into)

2. Runtastic Pro App on iphone


I mentioned I was doing the couch to 10k program and I've had great success with it so far. Its a walk/run method in case your not familiar with it. However, its more based on time at this point in the training. Sometime after week two, David asked me how much I was actually running distance wise and I has no clue. Hard core runners use special watches to track distance, pace, heart rate, etc. and I would eventually love one, but they are pretty pricey. I told myself I have to keep up with it for a good six months before investing in one. I found this app on my phone and wasn't sure how well it would work, espciecally since it was free, but I've been pretty impressed. It works well with my couch to 10k app and its fun to see how far I'm actually running now. I'm not sure how correct it is in actual pace times, but its a nice start to get somewhat of an idea. It even tracks what elevations I've ran and shows graphs at when I peaked and slowed down. Its been fun the past two weeks to go back and review my runs afterwards.

3. Frozen Grapes and Blueberries

I'm not really a fruit fan, however, that's all my daughter would eat if I'd let her. Its not like I'm the first one to come up with this, but it came out of a necessity a couple of weeks ago. Olivia loves fruit but of course what she'll eat changes like the wind. I buy most of our fruit from Sam's now and of course she was dying for grapes a few weeks ago when we were there, but then refused them the next week. So I had 3.5 pounds of grapes sitting in the fridge going to waste. I normally don't do grapes unless they are smashed up in a bottle. I remembered seeing something on pinterest of freezing grapes to help chill white wine, so I decided to freeze them. I just washed them, separated them into baggies, and Olivia and I have been addicted ever since. A few days later, I did it to our blueberries and they were even better. I pull a bag out, set them on the counter for a few minutes, and then we proceed to down a bag of whatever it is in mere minutes. Try it if you haven't, its delicious.

What have you been loving lately?


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