Technical Difficulties...

Before I started reciveing hate mail or calls from family about me not blogging or posting pictures of O.K., I wanted to let you know we currentlyhave no internet.

David and his Dad did some major yard work over the weekend, which involved the use of a bobcat, and cut the cable and water line. Thankfully, the water line was able to be fixed, the cable line however, requires the cable company to come out. We've called and waiting for them to call us back to just make an appointment. Which scares me...

In their defense (David and his Dad's), we called the "call before you dig" people to come out and mark the yard prior to the weekend yard project and they marked the cable line off by about three feet. There's no excuse for the water line.

It was a hard, long weekend for them two, but the yard looks so much better. Even if it's just a bunch of dirt at the moment. I'll post pictures as soon as we're reconnected to the rest of the world.


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