It's come and gone.

Spring has seemed to come and gone for now. It's not freezing, but it's rainy and colder than it has been the past few weeks. The rest of the week is not looking much better. I'm glad to see all the pollen washed away, but I'm ready for some nice weather again.

It stopped raining Sunday afternoon, so I attempted to take Olivia out to play on our front porch. I told her several times to "STAY ON THE PORCH" and as soon as I turned my back to sit in the chair, she had already ran over to the first "clay" mud puddle she could reach. Of course she was in her brand spanking new shoes her Nana bought her. I think I scared her with how fast I took them off and ran to the laundry room to throw them in the wash. Thankfully, they look like they'll survive.

David has been on vacation for the past few days. We decided for this to be our "stay-cation." Most of our plans revolved around working to finish the yard, but obviously, the weather is not cooperating. Some how, we've managed to be extremely busy his entire vacation and have hardly sat down, even without working in the yard. I realized today that he only has three days left and we haven't spent much family time together. I'm hoping the next few days we can make up for it.

The best news is, that we now have less than two months before we go on our first official vacation to the beach. I feel like I have never been more ready for a vacation!!!

I went on a girl date the other morning with Amy and our friend Dana from church. We went to see Tangled at the $1 theater. It was sooooo cute!!! I had heard that it was really good, but I was actually surprised by how cute it was. It's one of the better movies Disney has came out with in awhile in my opinion. I'll definitely be buying that one for Olivia's collection of movies she never watches!

Amy took pictures of the girls (Olivia and Matalie) over the weekend and posted them on her blog. Please spend two minutes and click over to read. The pictures are too cute!

Nic and Josie are finally home and our sister wife group is whole again. They came over for dinner last night and it was the first time we've seen them in a month!!! At first we just kinda stared at each other like two awkward teenagers on a first date, but we quickly fell back into our usual conversation. Ok, I'm kidding...we didn't really stare at each other, we just picked up conversation right where it left off a month ago. That's the thing I love about my two besties....we just pick up right where we left off.

Thank you for the encouraging comments from yesterdays post. We're standing by our decision to adopt and we're not backing out. I'm sure that's how it might have came across. David and I had a great conversation about it all over coffee this morning and he put it perfectly....

"I look at us taking the foster care classes as our meeting God it's up to God to decided when and if we're ready, and him to place children in our life. If he never does, it's okay, we knew we at least did our part and he did not think we could handle it. I don't look at it as taking the classes were in vain if we never do receive a child. They may have helped us to just be a better parent to Olivia, or to even just open our eyes and to become aware."

And that has calmed my doubts.


Amy said…
We really are a bunch of saps. Only we can go see a cartoon movie and cry or read a post about friendship and boohoo. Scott told me I was a big baby when he saw me crying last night while I wrote that post.
Tristan said… is SNOWING here this week went from 75 to

That pic makes me want to sit on my porch..sadly..we would freeze...haha.

and, i want to see tangled..when it gets on netflix!
Kameron said…
It is freezing here this week. It was only 38 on Sat. I need me some warm weather and STAT!!

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