He's Amazing....

It's someone's BIRTHDAY today.....

HIS....not mine.

This is his all time favorite picture of US.

You all may not know this, but this guy is AMAZING!!!

Even those who think they know him, really don't know just how AMAZING he is behind closed doors.

And I'm not meaning that to be in a sexual tone...although....

I'll just stop now since my grandparents are reading.

I honestly ask myself EVERYDAY how I ended up with a guy like him.

He is so WONDERFUL, not perfect, but close.

I know that God made him just for ME.

This guy knows me INSIDE and OUT.

And yet, he still loves me EVERYDAY.

He is an AWESOME father.

It's NOT an act or charade.

He is even a more doting DAD behind closed doors than out in public.

I LOVE watching him with his baby GIRL.

I could go ON and ON about how AWESOME he is.

But, I really just wanted to say...



Elizabeth said…
Happy birthday, David!
The Popes said…
Happy birthday to the best sister wife husband!!!

You forgot to mention he puts up with your crazy friends and all our nonsense!
Tristan said…
how sweet!!!
happy birthday to your hubs!

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