I love.....

little girls that are always carrying their phones with them and constantly texting


little legs in shorts.

the warm weather


the fact we've spent the last three weeks outside.

toys that are constantly thrown everywhere


a little girl that has always got a bag in her hand.

hearing little giggles from across the room


a little girl that has not taken those red converse off in over two weeks.

eyelashes that are to die for


crazy baby mullet hair.

a little girl that is just girlie enough


who doesn't mind getting dirty.

new friendships that have formed


quite possibly the sweetest, most happy baby girl ever, who happens to smile every time I look at her.

Tuesdays at the park with two of my favorite moms


a little girl who is climbing all over the jungle gym and doesn't care she's in all the big kids way.

curly head girls


crazy hair.

little boys with black eyes


knowing he's right where he should be.

long talks with friends


little girls that are always carrying their blankie around.

babies who run around in diapers


who feed the dog under the table, instead of eating their breakfast.

the season of life we're in


that I'm right where I want to be.


Tristan said…
I seriously love this post!!!

I hope your email works to view my blog..if not let me know TIMEL123@HOTMAIL.COM
Kameron said…
That was so sweet! <3

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