In this last week...

~We've cut down eight trees in our front yard (by we, I mean David and my FIL).

~Olivia found a mud puddle.

~I may or may not have decided to just dump her play shoes in the trash and buy news ones just because I didn't feel like cleaning them up from the mud.

~Olivia and I went to visit my Nashville/Kentucky family over the weekend.

~Our 4 hour drive to Nashville turned into a 7 hour drive.

~I may or may not have broke down in tears on the phone with David about how long the drive was taking.

~I found a tick on my lower back.

~I was completely convinced I had Lyme disease after the spot became red, itchy, and hard a few days after I removed it.

~I may or may not completely freaked out after looking up Lyme disease on WebMD and had to have my mom take me to have a pharmacist look at the spot at 9pm on a Monday night to determine whether or not I needed to go to the ER (thankfully he said it looked normal and to keep an eye on it).

~I've realized that we just need to come to terms with the fact that Olivia cannot go out to eat in public.

~I've done my last restaurant meal with her for awhile (even family birthday parties), minus the three places she always behaves at because they are fast getting the food to you.

~I may or may not have decided that I really want more kids now, just so I have a real reason to no longer be able to go out to eat.


Elizabeth said… can tell she was having a ball! :)

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