Confessions for today...

I may or may not have went to spin class this morning and worked my butt off, only to come home and make brownies at lunch time.

I may or may not have ate half the pan of brownies with the help of Olivia that same afternoon.

I may or may not have met a new mom at the park and acted like I had never met her before even though actually knew who she was and knew that she only lives four houses down from me.

I may or may not have been worried that if I said that I knew her because she and I took a class together in college years ago (we sat on opposite sides of the room and never spoke to each other) and I had realized a year ago we lived four houses from each other because I saw her in her yard a few times, she would have thought I was strange. (that is sad isn't it?......I've got issues)

I may or may not have pitched a fit when David informed me the cable company said they would not come out to fix our internet till April 5.

I may or may not have gave him a guilt trip that forced him to spend his 20 minute break in between work and a meeting trying to ghetto rig the cable, instead of spending time with Olivia like he orginally planned.

I may or may no let out a big sigh and rolled my eyes when his ghetto rigging didn't work.

I may or may not let out a "whoop whoop" when he called later to say, after a little threating, they would be here tomorrow to fix it.

I may or may not kept my kid from a second nap she was desperatly needing today, just so I could put her to bed at an earlier time an get some quiet time to myself.

I may or may not have been jealous when David informed me work was taking him out to eat dinner at my favorite Japanese Steak house, while I was stuck eating pancakes with the kid .

I may or may not felt a little lonely today, since I haven't really talked to any of my close friends the past few days.

I may or may not think blogging on a kindle is way too hard.


Anonymous said…
What would be funny though- is if your neighbor who pretends she don't know you- reads your blog in secret!
Kameron said…
It's awkward when you know of someone and don't really know them. I would have probably done the same thing. I understand the need for internet since we don't have cable either! Hopefully they fix it soon!

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