More Good Than Bad

We've come to a point, that our good days out number our bad.

For awhile, it seemed like things were never going to get better.

I don't know how to explain it, let's just say, she was frustrated. I was frustrated.

She would cry a lot. I would cry a lot (maybe even more).

Being completely honest....motherhood did not come as natural and easy to me as I always assumed it would. To take it one step further....being a stay at home mom didn't come as easy to me as I thought it would.

I like to chalk it up to this romantic vision of motherhood I walked around with for the first twenty seven years of my life. What I imagined...that would take a whole different post and y'all would just laugh at it.

There were days that I would tell David I was going to get a job and forget this stay at home mom thing. Days when I felt like I couldn't take being around my child for another minute before I went completely insane. Pretty much every day when David walked in the door, I handed her off and wanted nothing more to do with her the rest of the day.

I would listen and roll my eyes when everyone would say "it gets better."

There seemed to no light at the end of the tunnel.

But slowly, we started to figure each other out and we finally got into a routine (not a schedule, but a routine).

And like everyone said....things started to get better.

And now, I cannot get enough of her.

I miss her when she goes to bed at night.

I sometimes want to wake her up when she's slept a little longer than normal, just because I miss her big smile.

I just want to be around her and soak up every moment of her life, cause I know, one day the time will come for her to leave me.

It took us some time (around 15 months to be exact), but we've finally found our groove and I can finally say, we have more good days than bad.


Tristan said…
oh my cute is she with her pigtails..ahhh!!

Im so glad youve got to this point!!
can you view my blog? lol..ive had people have issues with it!

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