An Update on the dad back from the dead...

In case you missed the first part of the story, you can find it here.

My father-in-law did travel down to Florida this past weekend and safely made it home on Saturday night. Unfortunately, the dad back from the dead story doesn't have a wonderful happy ending.

When the social worker called last week and said that Dad's memory had returned, she didn't state that it only sticks around for about 15 minutes. Yes, when he had the stroke, a tad bit came back but it is only the bit where he thinks he is 48 years old and his son is 14. Which is kinda confusing because when he was 48 years old, my father-in-law was not 14. Who knows?

My father-in-law went in and introduced himself and the conversation went something like this "really, I have a son named Wayne, he's 14." Then every 15 minutes later, that conversation started over again. So, sadly it's not going to turn out like we all hoped it would.

Honestly, when I heard how the meeting went, my heart broke for my father-in-law and my husband. There are a lot of unanswered questions that evidently will and did go to grave.

On the plus side, we learned that he is need of nothing and is being very well taken care of in a very nice nursing home. He actually has been looked after all these years by some lady named Carol, but she evidently passed away a few months ago and they had to find a new contact person in case there is any emergency, which explains why they went looking for the children.

David's dad did decide to be the contact person for any future emergencies. I think David still wants to go down there once just so he can see one time, the grandfather he never knew. Sadly, there is no a chance for any type of relationship.

I got several questions of why would his mother do that? I honestly don't have an answer. I was fortunate to never meet the lady, but all I've ever been told by everyone is that she was the meanest person to ever live. I never meet her, but obviously from this turn of events, that may not be far from the truth.


Kameron said…
That is awful.It is hard to get your hopes up like that and then have them smashed. I can't imagine how jaded that woman must be to come up with that story. Did she know all along where he was?? Wow.

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