Some Saturday Night Blogging

Can someone tell me where this week has gone? Actually, what happened to the whole month of May?

I had grand plans of blogging, but the week has somehow slipped away from me. On Tuesday I was complaining that this had been a slow week, but then it seemed like I woke up and it was Saturday.

Our big event this week was our Anniversary. Four years ago Thursday, we ran away with our family to the beach for the weekend and got married. I was planning on writing a sweet post for him, but I honestly just didn't get around to it. Sorry honey. Unfortunately, we didn't get to spend it together. As usual, he had to work and then had some coaching clinic meeting afterwards, so he didn't get home till almost 8pm. We went out Friday night to celebrate our day with a much needed date night. He did surprise me with a sweet card...

Did you catch it?

Oh my, I was laughing so hard I couldn't even tell him what was so funny. His response was "I know it's a black couple, but the saying was sweet." Not that it mattered, but I didn't even notice that part of the card. When I could finally quit laughing long enough to point out what was wrong with the card, his response "it was in the wife section, someone should really check those things to make sure their in the right section." The saying on the card was very sweet, and I must say that it is a card I will never forget.

We went out last night to a local restaurant we've been wanting to try for awhile now. The grandparents came down to keep Olivia and we headed out for dinner at the 6th Street Pier. It's a local owned seafood restaurant and we've been hearing from several others that it was delicious. We hadn't tried it yet because we're slowly trying to introduce Olivia to eating in public again. She still can only sit still for 2.5 seconds, so eating out is not fun. The food was delicious, the atmosphere was great, and it didn't hurt that the prices weren't bad. We will definitely be adding it our list of favorites. After dinner, we headed to our favorite spot, the book store. After walking around for about twenty minutes, we both admitted we were tired and ready to go home. We were home and in bed by 10pm. What a way to celebrate an anniversary! We're officially old folks.

This afternoon we attended JK Pope's very first dance recital. Since she's Nicole's kid, I won't steal her post, but it was so cute!!! Amazingly, Olivia sat through the whole thing. We were in the second row, so she was able to see. She was tired which I'm sure helped a bit, but she sat and watched the whole thing. We meet Nicole and Josie later that night to see the older girls dance recital, but since it was close to her bedtime, we had to leave early. I'm convinced she's going to be our ballerina.

More proof...Friday morning during her morning nap, I turned on Regis and Kelly. She woke up sometime during the middle of it and I sat her down to make her a bottle. When I came back, this is what I found...

They had someone from Dancing with the Stars performing on the show. She was as still as that child can be the entire time they were dancing. As soon as they finished, she was off again and paying no attention to the tv. See, told you she is going to be a ballerina!

And some pictures just for you Dad...


Bonnie said…
She is getting so big! I haven't visited your blog in a while b/c I lost all of my links. I saw you on Facebook & thank goodness your blog addie was in your info. Back in my list now! Hope your doing well ;)

Paige said…
hahahaha that is hilarious! Oh my, I just love it whenever men think they are doing something perfect and then it's just so funny (not that us women ever do anything wrong?!?)! She is getting so big and adorable as always! By the way, I love the color of your walls!
Kameron said…
I still think that card is the funniest thing ever!! I wouldn't let him live that down for a while if I were you! Ha!

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