Crazy Talk

I've been starting that crazy talk again.

I've been talking about cutting my hair. Short. Really short.

I'm not talking about full blown mom haircut, though I have some friends who it looks so cute on, but a short bob.

Not sure if it's the start on a new season or what, but I'm in the mood for some change and what easier to do it than with a new haircut.

I've pretty much had the same haircut off and on for the last 15 or so years and I'm wanting a change. Something drastic. Something that people notice. No lie, most people don't even notice anymore when I've gotten a haircut.

I've gotten a few "yes, go for it" and a couple of "don't even think about it." So, I'm torn.

It doesn't help when the two, who you consult for every major decision in life (i.e. your best friends), give you two different opinions. One says "go for it." The other "um, no."

Last night while laying in bed reading, I thought it was a good time to bring it up to Dave. I asked what he thought and his response "I think short hair makes you look thinner."

Um, okay....

I'm still pondering on how to take that one. Especially since I've only had short hair maybe twice in all our years together. It's a bit shocking when you learn your husband has only found you thin twice in the last eleven years.

I'm assuming that means he is okay with it. He even started talking crazy talk about getting it highlighted and such. I"m not quite sure I'm ready for that yet. It seems like such a big commitment. One step at a time.

I'll be honest, the part holding me back the most, is that I won't be able to any longer rely on the good old ponytail. Nor will I be able to just let it go natural anymore, I'll actually have to fix it everyday. So basically, I'm saying laziness is what it holding me back.

Here are a few popular bloggers with the style I'm leaning towards....




I'm going to give myself a week to think about it some more. Of course, I'll let you know what comes of it.


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