The Beginning of a Friendship

You could say that it was not love at first sight for these two.

In fact, they have just started looking at each other without cutting their eyes. True story.

One of the first shopping trips we took together after Olivia was born, we put Matalie in the backseat with Olivia and Olivia refused to look at her. She purposely would turn her head to look out the window. And of course, there has also been many of the I'm going to cry because your holding her and not me moments from both of them.

We were seriously starting to wonder if they were going to hate each other growing up. We've been telling them for months now that they were going to have to start getting along. They've seem to finally be listening to us. I'm sure the fact that we've on several occasion stuck them in the same pack n' play to play together to play, has had nothing to do with that.

Saturday night, we watched Matalie so Scott could take Amy out for a date. The girls were so cute together. At dinner, they sat across the table from each other and talked as they stuffed their faces with puffs. Afterwards, they burned off those puffs by crawling all over the house. Normally, they are too busy being ran over by the bigger kids, so they got a chance to go at their own speed and play follow the leader.

Just in the last month, they've really started taking to each other. It helps that Olivia is crawling and can stand up. I guess Matalie finally thinks Olivia is old enough to hang out with. Of course, we still have moments when one is hitting the other, but tonight, they played together with no problems. I love watching them interact with each other. They are so funny to watch.

I can't wait to watch these two grow up the next few years. Both of their big personalities are starting to come out and it will be interesting to see how they play together two years from now. Hopefully we're over the eye cutting and on to the beginning of a new friendship.


The Popes said…
Two of my most favorite girls!

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