In Case you Needed to know....

A crib can hold around 160 lbs.

Yesterday morning, I was trying to get OK down for a nap. She didn't take any good naps the day before and we were going to have a busy afternoon, so I desperately needed her to take a good nap.

Well, even though she was rubbing her eyes like crazy and being whinny, she refused to lay down. I put her in her crib and after almost twenty minutes of crying, I went in to check on her. I could tell she was tired, but it looked like she was going to keep fighting it. Then that thought crossed my mind..."I wish I could crawl in there and cuddle with her for a minute." I contemplated in my head for a minute (what's the worst that could happen? we have to buy a new crib?), grabbed the child sized chair in her room, and threw my leg over the rail.

Guess what? The thing miraculously didn't cave in on us.

Of course, my grand plans of cuddling with her were quickly thrown out the door. After about 2.5 seconds, she was instead crawling all over me trying to throw herself out of the crib. So, after enduring a few minutes of hair pulling and getting my face stepped on, I gave up and got out. The funniest part, she did not seem at all thrown off by the fact that I was laying in her crib. She acted like it was an everyday thing. Which, I can assure you it's not.

Surprisingly, it was pretty comfy. I might just keep crawling in there with her so I have an excuse to take a nap everyday. I'm wondering now if I'm the only adult to crawl into the crib with their child?


Tristan said…
lol...if i was little like better believe i would :)
Kameron said…
Nope, you are not the only one. I have done it a couple of times and so has my hubby. The difference is, he fell asleep in there with Nate and I went in to see where he went and they were both sound asleep! Ha!
The Popes said…
I've crawled in JK's crib too!

And now that she's in a big girl bed, I confess that I nap with her at least 3 times a week!

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