Crazy Busy

Just call me slacker...we have gone non-stop for the last 72 hours and guess what????







Oh right, there are some incriminating pictures, you might have seen here.

Our crazy weekend started off with craft night at Nic's house. It was completely thrown together at the last minute when we realized we were all going to be husbandless for the evening. Amy had a rough week, so they called and said bring the wine. I found a great deal on a bottle and all that needs to be said is that we ended up finishing it off. For the record, the three little girls were all asleep before we started "crafting" and we all had our husbands come pick us up. I attempted to sew my first dress and yes, I sewed it with no armholes. My mom made me feel better and told me she has done a ton of stupid sewing mistakes like that. Thanks mom! We have decided that now on craft night will be a more low key affair. We definitely had a blast and it is going to be a regular on our monthly schedules.

Later that Friday night, my sister Liz and brother-in-law Mike came into town for the weekend. After going to bed at two in the morning, I dragged my sister Liz out of bed at 6am to go yardsaling at a couple of big neighborhoods. We picked up our crew and headed out in the misting rain. We all got some pretty good deals on a few things, but were kinda disappointed that many people decided not to have their yard sale since it was raining. Luckily the rain cleared up before that night and the guys and girls separated ways for a girls night/guys night. The guys headed to their usual, Dave and Busters, while us girls headed out for some shopping and Mexican food. The weather was perfect and we had a great time walking around a outdoor mall downtown. I was good and did not buy a thing. Your welcome honey!

This morning, the guys headed out to play golf, while Liz and I took it easy and recovered from our two late nights in a row. Olivia was in a good mood all day and just wanted to play by herself, so I actually had a easy day with her for once (it's been awhile). Later this evening, we headed out to our friends the Castellanos's for the first cookout of the season. I love cookouts and just hanging out with our friends. I'm a summer girl and nothing says summer like a good cookout. There was ton of yummy food and I think I ate my weight in hashbrown casserole. We stayed a little past Olivia's bedtime and she was passed out as soon we got in the car. Fingers crossed that she'll sleep late.

Speaking of...if we can get through the next two nights, I think it will be safe to say that we are FINALLY sleeping through the night!!!! Monday night will be a week of sleeping through the night. I seriously felt like this day would never come. She had gotten into the routine of waking up at 5:30 am, eating, and going back to bed. Which I'm sure can be considered sleeping through the night, but it was still a little too early for me. Last Tuesday I woke up and realized she had slept till 6:30. She has done it ever since. Hallelujah!!! Also this morning, I noticed that she has two more teeth coming through! The child now has four teeth on top, and four on bottom. Crazy!!! At the rate she's going, I wouldn't be surprised if she has all of them by her first birthday.

Liz and Mike were originally going to head back on Monday morning, but Nashville is under water if you haven't heard. My mom called earlier and their garage already had ankle deep water in it and the rain was still coming down. The interstates to home are under water, so they may have to hang out with us a little longer, but not that we mind. We've enjoyed having them here and Olivia has loved playing with them. They got to meet her when she was only six weeks old, so this is the first time she's got to spend time with them and she loves them! We're hoping to make it up there soon to see them again.

So, that's our crazy busy weekend. Sadly, I need Monday to come so I can get some rest.


Kameron said…
OMG, those pictures from craft night are hilarious!! I only had one glass of wine at mine for that reason! Oh and don't worry, wine or no wine we have all made funny sewing mistakes. You should have seen the first Baby Bjorn cover I tried to make. I put the "pocket" part where you open the cover (like a pillow sham) right across the part where the straps are supposed to stick out. Um, how did I think it was going to stay on?? Ha!

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