Too Fast

My baby is going to be eight months next week.

Things seem to be moving so fast now.

The first few months of continuos crying and sleepless nights seemed to drag on, but now the days seem to moving at lighting speed.

I barely remember her being this little.

It's amazing that it only takes seven months, three weeks, and four days to get to this.

I now know what people mean when they say "don't blink."

I've already started making plans for her first birthday.

I can't believe we're only four months away.

Slow down my Olivia Kate, your growing way too fast.


Kameron said…
I know how you feel! Arielle turned 6 months on Sunday and I was floored that it has been half a year already!! Just a warning, it doesn't slow down any. I blinked and my baby is going to be 3 in 3 1/2 weeks! Man!
The Popes said…
I don't remember her being that small! Little OK!