Slowly but surely...

Like the rest of the country, we rejoiced last Thursday when we saw it was the first official day of spring on the calendar.  

I know it's been said a thousand times or more already, but this past Winter was a long one.

It's so nice to finally see some color again. 


We enjoyed our first Spring weekend by spending majority of it outside.

Some of us literally soaked up the sun. 

Don't worry, she was only still for about 2.5 seconds before she up and back to digging.  Digging is a farmhouse favorite. 

It seemed like we were all celebrating Spring this past weekend.

Don't worry, he's not dead, just soaking up the sun too.

However, Winter is refusing to go away for good and of course, it's been cold all this week. We've tried no to pout about it, but we're ready to be outside for good.

Supposedly, it's supposed to be Spring again this weekend.  Praying it's not just another tease and it's here to stay.

Come on Spring...we're more than ready for you!


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