Farmhouse life: two months in.

A lot of people have been asking, so here it is....a farmhouse update.

I have been postponing because I kept waiting for that moment when the farmhouse was magically all clean and picture perfect.  Then I got honest with myself and wasn't happening anytime in the near future, so here you go....farmhouse update real life edition.

A lot of the time I get grief about how much I rearrange furniture, especially after we first move anywhere.  Believe it or not, there is a method to the madness.  I like to see how we live in a room first.  I usually have a general idea on how to initially place furniture in a room, but 90% of the time, I see that we live life in that room differently than I imagined and it gets moved around.  So, that's my advice when it comes to decorating....decorate a room according to how you live life in that room, not on how you think it should be decorated and never be afraid to turn a rug in the opposite direction! ; )

That being said, the biggest change in two months was that we took out the sitting area out of the kitchen and made it one big kitchen/dinning area.  We still have a few projects to make this transition more complete, but so far, we're loving it much better than the original arrangement.

We never sat on the loveseat and it essentially just ended up collecting junk.  Also, our table fit the other way, but it felt too crowded.  The light fixtures now need to be reversed, for now the exersaucer sits under them so no one hits their heads.

David's dad has been recruited to build me a new bigger island that includes seating.  Now if I can just remember to send him the plans, hopefully we'll have it soon.

Yeah, I still need to do some curtains for under the sink and we are planning on making all new doors for the bottom cabinets so all the doors can match. 

Originally, I planned on putting "kitchen" stuff on the bookshelves, but after living with it like this for a few weeks, I actually like having the random everyday stuff we use on it, even if it is in the kitchen.  I still need to "style" the shelves, but for now the bottom pretty much holds toys/books/puzzles for the girls.  The top is pretty much whatever I could find to throw on there and some school stuff that needs to be out of little sisters reach.

The loveseat got moved to the living room.  It makes things a little tighter but I like having the extra seating.

The gallary wall isn't finished yet.  I'm still looking for a piece or two to finish off the right top corner. 

We're also still in need of a rug.

Curtains need to be hemmed.

An updated picture of the girl's room is here. I don't have the energy to repost them.

Here's what the playroom is looking like these days. Obviously we still need a globe for the fan light and I'm still planning on painting the room a lighter color this summer.


Our room is one that won't change much while we're here.  There's not too much room to move the king size bed around.  We will eventually get new "matching" dressers on each side for our nightstands.

However, the tv is on the wall this round, but we still need to put the cords behind the wall.

Ignore the dirty mirror. I have a four year old who is in love with herself.

We also got a few shelves in the linen closet. He still has one more to go, but he was getting frustrated and I had to tell him to step away.

Once again...a curtain needs to be added. My towels don't match enough to have it open. 

We've also done a few things outside...excuse me...David has done quite a few things outside. 

David cut down a few big branches that needed to be removed after the winter storms we had.  He's also trimmed whatever is supposed to be trimmed at this time of year....y'all know I have no clue about that stuff.   He also filled a few of the really bad pot holes in the drive way.  I won't bore you with picture of gravel though.

The biggest thing is we added slammer doors!!!

In case you don't know what a slammer door is, it's a screen door on a tight coil that slams it shut automatically.  I said something about them on instagram the other day and a couple of people had no clue what I was talking about.  Most of the country probably just calls them "screen doors" but we call them slammer doors down South because of the loud slamming sound it makes when it shuts.

I love all my houses to have open doors and windows.  We didn't have any on the last house because it didn't go with the style house at all, so adding screen doors was a priority. 

Being that we can let the kids go play on their own over here, having the doors helps to be able to still keep an ear on them.  Plus, I don't have to yell "shut the door" a hundred times a day.


Now the question is what color do I paint them?  They are plain wood and need to be stained or painted to withstand the outdoors.  I originally thought white (safe choice) but now been debating staining them a dark stain maybe? Or maybe a fun color?


In case you forgot, here is what the farmhouse looked like two months ago.  


Anonymous said…
i think you should paint it yellow!
Kelsey Nichols said…
I love the bookcase in the kitchen :) So Ikea like. Lol.
Jennifer said…
I love it! Looks so warm and inviting and cozy and makes me want to come over and enjoy a cup of coffee with you! (o: As for the doors, I don't know. I have an awful habit of changing something and then that leads to having to change other things. You've got a fun red and white thing going on already - you could do red. Though green or turquoise could be fun too, but then that might lead to other exterior changes. Enjoy one of those sunsets for me!

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