My biggest parenting fail exposed.

I wouldn't consider myself a veteran in the parenting department by any means.  I've only been playing this game for a little over four years.  However, I have learned a few things.

One of those being that all of us parents have that one know the one...that thing that you do or let your kids do, knowing others will judge you on it, but yet you continue to do it. For some of us it may be that we drive through the McDonald's drive thru several times a week and throw a happy meal to the backseat.  For others it may be you let your child stay up way to late or watch R-rated movies, or maybe it's that you only bath your kids once a week...wait, that's just me and y'all know I've always professed my hatred of bath time.  Anyways....that one thing that you think "parenting fail" each time but you just keep on hoping and praying no one finds you out.

Well, my personal my parenting fail was exposed in the past month. Twice.

Even better, by the grandparents.

It all started about a month ago, when Davids parents were over for dinner one night.  Things were all good when during the middle of dinner Olivia piped up and asked "Mom, can we have a dance party like we always do after dinner?"  Que a silent table and all eyes on me.

Me (trying to act like she's crazy and that I have no idea what she's talking about): "Nooooooooooooooo.....Nana and Pawpaw don't want to have a dance party." 

"Sure, we do!!!"

However, my kid cannot stop.

"Turn on the booty shaking music so we can all dance!!!"

(Palm to the forehead

So yeah, my parenting fail is exposed.

I let my four year old and baby listen to music that I know I shouldn't.  We have "booty shaking" dance parties after dinner each night (I use the "booty shaking" loosely...we are a bunch of white girls).

Y'all.....I've tried.  I really have. I've even bought several "child friendly" cds that are pretty much just collecting dust in the glove department now.  I just can't take any kind of music that may be more "child appropriate."  I several times have even turned the tv on one of those preschool music channels, only to feel like I needed to claw my eyes out after five minutes.  Don't worry, I quickly turned it back to the top 40 channel.

Thankfully, my in-laws weren't too concerned and proceeded to join us in a "booty shaking" dance party without too much judgement.  I walk away from that night thinking my secret it still safe.

Fast forward to a few weeks later...we've gone on our cruise and got into the car to return home.  First thing I do is call my mom who's been caring for the girls all week.  We catch up for the first 15 minutes, I talk to Olivia for a few minutes and then she hands the phone back to my mom.  My mom then nicely breaks it to me....

Mom: "not sure where she heard it from, but we got in the van one day and all the sudden Livi starts loudly singing "I CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALL!!!"

(Palm to the forehead)

In other words, my child who is only allowed to watch Disney Jr. and PBS, knows all the words to Katy Perry's "Dark horse" (true story) and could probably sing the rest of iTunes top twenty to you if asked.

If they become the next Miley Cyrus, I take full responsibility. 

So there you parenting fail exposed.

Feel free to share yours.

No judgement, only hugs and a "I feel ya!" here. 


Anonymous said…
Hahahahaha!!!!! That's hysterical :)
LOVE it!
Amy K.
nicolepayne said…
My kids are eating a happy meal as I read this, they only get 1 bath a week, and we have a dance party to the black eyed peas on a daily basis.

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