A honeymoon....eight years later.

Of course, there is a little bit of a story that goes along with this trip....

Eight years ago this May, David and I walked down the aisle and said our "I do's." We had our dream wedding that our parents shelled out a lot of money for, but David and I had no money of our own to go on a honeymoon of any sorts.  Since we did have a destination beach wedding, we kinda justified to ourselves that we didn't need one right then and we'd do something later down the road.

Well, we got home and then life happened.  Years later, we still hadn't made it on that honeymoon. 

Though we haven't nessecially called it a "honeymoon" all these years, a big trip just the two of us has been something we've never stopped talking about.  To be honest though, most years it sounded like it was just another dream that was never gonna happen.

In the summer of 2012, we decided to make some major lifestyle changes (a whole different post in it's own).  One of those changes were we decided that we were finally going to get rid of the debit we had been carrying around for years by that point. We were tired of always being in debit to someone and we were finally going to hunker down and get it off our backs. So, we finally decided to give ourselves an incentive...if we paid off all our debt, we'd finally go on that honeymoon we never made it to.

For the next fourteen months, we worked our butts off and we got out from underneath all our debt but one new unexpected car payment (which will be paid off next year) and a few medical bills from Amelia's birth.  I cannot tell you how freeing it was for both us.  It has totally changed our family dynamics and the way we live our lives these days.  All for the better of course. Seriously, it's something I could go on and on about.

Anyways, last fall David told me it was time...for over a year, we had stuck with our plan and did what we said we were going to do....we had earned our trip.  

So, we booked a cruise, got our passports, and a week ago Sunday, we left the girls in my moms care and went on that honeymoon....eight years later. 

It always amazes me how big these ships are. 
Because David always makes fun of me and says it's not a vacation post without a picture of my feet and water!

Most of our week was spent eating way too much, relaxing by the pool, reading, and best of all, sleeping!!! After almost eight months of getting up multiple times a night, you better believe I soaked up all the sleep I could (let's not talk about how Amelia still gets up multiple times a night).  We did take in a few of their shows over the week and meet a ton of cool people.

We had a great time and though I think it will be awhile before we leave the girls for that length of time again, we can't wait to go back.  Plans for the next cruise are already in motion.


Cunz Family said…
Good for you for getting out from underneath your debt! I've been working hard over the past 2 years and paying down ours too, we're so close to becoming debt free, it feels great! Your trip looks awesome. Ryan and I are taking a kids free weekend over Memorial Weekend, we can't wait!
Tristan said…
aww..so glad you had a great trip, ya'll sound like you sure deserved it!!

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