And other weeks are just hard.

It's funny because it seems like we have been dreading the surgery for years now, we never honestly put much thought into what came after.

This week has been hard. A lot hard than I imagined it would be.

I told my mother in law, someone needs to write a book on how to handle these situations. We know the standard words/phrases to say when a friend has a loved one pass away. It's hard to find the words when your best friends baby is in so much pain after a surgery like this.  To say I feel like a broken record to Nicole by this point is an understatement. 

The beginning of the week seemed to be nothing but two step forward, three steps back.  However, he's just one day shy of being a week from surgery and he finally seems to be hitting a stride of only moving forward.

As of this morning, Gabe has overcame most of the biggest obstacles he needed to overcome after surgery.  They have a couple more issues they need to figure out before he can come home.  We're hoping to figure out today what's going on, so they can get home.

We've been up to the hospital pretty much every other day and it's been amazing to see his progress as the week has gone by.

Nicole has been documenting every step of the way. I don't want to repeat her words and she explains much better than I ever could, so you can read her updates here if you're not already keeping up. She's also been asking for specific prayers of things he needs to overcome.

In between hospital visits, we've been trying to go one with life like normal.  Which has been hard since life is pretty much anything but normal at the moment.

I had a cute picture to go here, but my computer is refusing to download it.

 David had a quick trip out of town, so the girls and I were on our own for a couple of days. As much as we hate having him gone, those trips are getting easier to survive.  I told him I think I can now handle the next move up.  The farther he moves up in the company, the more and more he's gone from home.  For the first time, I feel like we'll survive.

School has pretty much been put to the side for the moment.  My mind can't handle it at the moment with everything going on. We continue school throughout the summer, so she'll have plenty of time to catch up on things. However, we started an art class last week and we're loving it! 

I love homeschooling her (most days), but it's fun to watch her interact with other adults who are teaching her. Plus, it's nice to see she can follow directions without fussing or fighting....something that obviously happens on a daily basis when we do school.

And this kid is just getting to be too much....

I can eat her up.

She seriously gets cuter and cuter with each passing day. 

Happy first day of Spring! : )


Fallon Davis said…
You guys seem to all be handling everything amazingly well! It's really encouraging to see such an awesome friendship like you ladies have! Praying for all of you guys daily. Oh and we LOVE art with mr Danny he's so amazing!

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