Checked out and an attempt at a first day post.

So.....obviously, I checked out for a little while. 

For good reasons I promise.

For the first month and a half of this year, it felt like we were all sick constantly, but by mid February, we all finally seemed to get well and life got busy.   We've been going pretty much constantly since then. 

I was telling someone the other day how it felt like for the past year or so we've been in a hibernation state of mind and didn't have much going on.  Suddenly these past few weeks the switch has been flipped and we've for sure gotten back in the "constantly on the go" state of mind. 

However, I'm not complaining though.  It seems to be just what we all need.  Right now we all seem to be happier if we're staying busy.  Especially the littlest Mabrey.  She's seriously a perfect baby when we're out and about! It's crazy!

I know today should technically be a first day post, but I only got around to snapping one picture yesterday.

Yesterday I got to watch the sunrise just before we got off the cruise ship to head home.

Oh, just in case your one of the few who only keeps up with me through the blog, last week David and I literally got to check out and went on a week long cruise.  

Besides the fact I missed the girls like crazy, so much so I cried a couple of times (make fun all you want), it was an awesome much needed week! The cruise deserves it's own blog post.

The remainder of our first day was nine hours on the road and to be honest, I was so excited to see my babies when I got home, I didn't think to pick up a camera. 

So there is my attempt at a first day post.  I won't even link it since it's a sad attempt.  Though I think that picture deserves to be seen! : )


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