We barely survived a week with no internet.

Sorry to have gone missing this week, but we have had no internet all week and it just got fixed late Thursday night.

We've been having issues for months now and I could bore you with the drawn out story, but I won't....because trust me, it's not that exciting.  The gist of the story is that both us and the cable company were to blame for the issues.  

Hopefully, it's all fixed now on both ends and we will have working internet on a constant basis.

I have learned one thing about our family.....we cannot survive without the internet.  All three of us were having withdraws...to the point all of us were getting mad over it.  We've got issues, for sure.  Thankfully us older two could hop onto our phones (and I'm scared to see our data usage this month), but the little one was out of luck and by day three having the shakes.

I'm just kidding...she didn't have the shakes, but she has been extra whiny lately.

However, that could be due to OBSCENE amount of rain we have gotten lately.

Not to beat a dead horse, but y'all.....it's getting a tad bit ridiculous.

It's rained pretty much EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. for the past month and I'm not talking a little afternoon sprinkle here and there....I'm talking major thunder storms and flash flood warnings.  By the end of June, we had already reached our average rain fall for the entire year.

The frustrating part is that it's getting hard to plan anything to do with the kids anymore.  Swimming is our number one form of entertainment this time of year, but it feels like anytime we get in, we're forced out within an hour.  Which, let's be honest, an hour isn't enough to wear a kid out to take a good nap.  I have even seen a few parents proclaim they were officially over summer and ready for school to start just because everyone was going stir crazy.

We have been slowing down at our house because to be honest, I don't feel like doing jack anymore. My belly feels like it weighs 20 pounds and I feel like I'm going to just fall forward at any moment. I had a doctors appointment Tuesday and the doctor was guessing Amelia's going to be about 7 and a 1/2 lbs. I'm honestly kinda hoping for 8lbs because let's be honest, that means an extra pound off at delivery time.  Plus, I wouldn't know what to do with a small baby.  Small babies scare me. I like my babies big.

We only have 9 days till Amelia gets here!!!!

It's starting to seem very surreal now that in a little over a week, we'll be responsible for two!!!

We're ready for her though.   I've already packed a hospital bag, itty bitty diapers are sitting on the changing table in her room, the bouncy seat is out in the living room, the car seat is in the car......things are getting real!

I think we're most ready to start our new normal.  Life with a newborn is different, but we're ready to get back to regular life...if that makes any sense.  Pregnancy is such a "in between" stage it feels. 

In other news from the week, I switched to the other side....I got rid of my iphone and went with the droid. David talked me into it.  We had an upgrade for July and one for next February and he kept insisting I use it.  At first I thought "wow, he's so nice" but now I think it really is a sneaky way to decide if he wants to switch to the droid side too (You know...let me try it before he has to make up his mind).  There's a reason they call him "the ninja" at work.

I got the Galaxy S4 and the verdict is out whether I am totally in love like everyone else claims.  It offers a lot.  The iphone is so much more simpler to use than the droid.  I love how clear it is and the size....yeah, it's borderline tablet size, but I'm half blind, so I appreciate big.  The only thing I'm not a fan of yet is the that I'm not used to how big the screen is, so whenever I text, most words are misspelled and I've realized they are off by one letter. It's so bad, someone I text the on a daily basis, asked "what the heck is wrong with you? you spell like a drunk!"   Hopefully, I can get used to it.  If not, I'm stealing someone's upgrade in February.

Well, I should probably get off here and go get ready.  It's almost 11 and we have a birthday party at noon.  In true Amber fashion, I still have to stop on the way and buy a gift.  It's how I roll. 

I'm thinking me might be a tad bit late. 

Have a happy weekend!

Stay dry....doesn't look like we are going to...again.


Tristan said…
SAME HERE WITH THE RAIN!!!! aahhhhh!! our fair week was literally a mud pit!

only 9 days..wowowowowowowow!!
Anonymous said…
So excited for you...9 days!!!!!
I am a little sad about the iPhone/droid thing though :( No
Hope you have a great week!
Amy K.

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