"Take me back to dance."

A while back, Olivia was given a soccer ball and for months now, we have watched her kicking that ball around the house or the yard.  Like I said, this has been going on for months now, so naturally, we started talking to her about signing her up for soccer eventually.

Last spring, I was looking around to find out when sign ups for the fall season were and I stumbled across a parent & tot summer soccer league.  They meet once a week for 45 minutes and a parent was required to be on the field with the kid.  It pretty much just teaches the basics of soccer and was real low key.  In fact, they don't even hold games.  David and I talked about it and thought it would be a great opportunity to see if she liked it and if she possibly wanted to sign up for the real deal come fall.

We asked her if she wanted to do it and she excitedly said "yes!"  For over a month she talked regularly about how excited she was that she going to play soccer for a real team.  Also, her and David were out practicing pretty much on a daily basis. 

Then the first practice came.

She did awesome for the first twenty five minutes and then she suddenly decided she was over it.  We don't know why or what, but she basically just refused to participate.  I'm talking stand on the sidelines with her arms crossed and refusing to budge kinda thing.  I was sitting on the sidelines pretty far off from them, but it was pretty obvious that David was having a hard time with her.

Then came the begging crying for me to please take her home.  Here's the thing about Olivia....when she comes to me crying, that means she's truly upset and serious about whatever the situation is.  We sat and talked for a minute and she was addamit that she didn't want to keep doing it.  I told her she had to finish that nights practice and that we'd talk about coming back at home.


Well, that was the only practice we made it to.

She wasn't too keen on going back.  She kept saying she'd "go back ________ (insert some unrealistic time)." 

Every week since we've asked her if she wanted to go back and she wasn't thrilled with it.  Finally, last week when I asked her about going back to soccer, she told me "I just want to go back to dance."

And like that, her soccer career is over with in one practice.

So, looks like we'll be heading back to dance when it starts back up in the Fall.

Even though he wasn't a soccer player, I think the husband was a little disappointed.  He was really looking forward to having something he could be more involved with.  I guess soccer is a little more manly than ballet. (You still have a shot with Amelia, honey!)

Looks like I may get my wish and have a little ballerina like I always wanted.

Thankfully, we're still getting our use out of the soccer gear we wasted spent money on.

 Evidently, you need shin guards just as much as you need a tutu in dance.


Tristan said…
How cute is she!!! maybe baby A will be all about soccer..haha.

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