Amelia Jane

As you might have already heard (or guessed), she's here...

Amelia Jane 
Born 7/23/13 at 8:09am. 
7lbs. 7oz. 20'' 

I just sit and stare at her most of the time because I still cannot believe she's here with us.

The one we prayed for, cried for, and at times....I may have begged God for.  

The one who surprised us when we had honestly given up all hope of another one.

The one who has in just a week, has made my heart feel complete. 

 Happy one week birthday my Amelia Jane!

I have a lot more to say, but for now, I'm soaking up the new baby-ness that I know will to quickly pass. More later on her birth and how we're doing as a family of four. 
Thank you for the well wishes we have already received in the past week.


Tristan said…
she is breathtaking.
just so beautiful!!
She looks like I thought she would..hehe..ya'll make pretty girls!
Jennifer said…
She is beautiful Amber. My deepest congratulations to you. What a thing to rejoice - when God hears the cries of our hearts and we hold those longings in our arms after a tearful and long season of waiting. Welcome to the world Miss Amelia!
Kameron said…
She looks so much like Olivia! Congratulations and soak up all of the babyness you can. :)
Anonymous said…
So happy for all of you :) What a
beautiful gift ♥
Amy K.

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