A bee stole our weekend.

There have been two moments I've been holding my breathe for since the moment Olivia was born....the first time we have to give her antibiotics and her first bee sting.

A little weird, yes, but I have good reason. 

David is deathly allergic to pretty much all antibiotics.  He's allergic to so many that we pretty much just tell doctors he's allergic to all.  There is only one or two that he can actually take, but they are rare ones, not your everyday penicillin or Amoxicillan.  The normal ones could do some serious damage to him.  Thankfully, he rarely gets sick that he has to have them. 

Secondly, he's severely allergic to bee stings.  When he was a child he was allergic in the way he would have breathing problems and it usually resulted in a hospital trip.  A doctor recommended years ago he carry a epi pen, but he doesn't (I've tried, but he's an adult).  Thankfully, it's been so long he couldn't tell you the last time he's been stung. Usually the moment he sees one, he's gone.  As he says, he's learned to stay away.

So, that being said, I've been dreading the day we have to find out if these allergies were passed down to Olivia (and up next, Amelia).  For the record, I don't have problems with either of them.

This past February was the first time we had ever had to put Olivia on antibiotics and honestly, I was on pins and needles after the first dose or two of it.  Thankfully she had no reaction at all.

Friday night, she got her first bee sting.

 (You know you're a parent when you are just as engrossed in Nick JR. as the kid is)

She had actually got stung twice, once in her hand and on her foot.  The crazy part is, she didn't cry once.  She just started saying her hand and foot hurt and we realized she had gotten stung.  We put some cold compresses on both and itching cream, but she kept saying she was fine and it didn't hurt.

We were on our way to dinner when it looked like they were getting worse.  I realized that the stinger was still stuck in her hand, so we turned the car around and headed back home.  We got the stinger out and gave her a little bit of bendryll and decided to go ahead to dinner. By time we got done with dinner, it was about an hour and a half from the time she got stung and the stings were still looking pretty bad and the swelling was getting worse, so we decided to head to urgent care.

We learned she has an acute allergic reaction to stings.  Basically, she has more of a reaction than most people have, but not serious enough to have breathing issues or such.  Unfortunately, there's not really anything they can do for them.  So, she spent the weekend with a swollen foot and hand.  As a mommy, it was pretty heartbreaking.  All we could do was keep them elevated and cold compresses, plus some byndarryll.  So on top of being swollen, she was drugged up all weekend. 

 We had plans to pick peaches on Saturday morning and she tried to be a trooper, but she just wasn't into it.  We ended up just buying already picked ones and when we got in the car, she had passed out from the medicine.  I tried holding off from giving more medicine because it knocks her out and makes her act a little loopy, but by Saturday night, her foot was still looking bad, so I gave in.

Sunday morning she woke up still pretty swollen so we stayed home all day and took it easy.  The urgent care people and Dr. Google say to keep it elevated, but can I tell you how hard that is with a three year old.  Pretty much impossible.  The Urgent care said too, that since it was in her foot, it was going to look worse and take a little longer to heal being its your foot and your constantly on it and most things I read said it takes about 3 days to a week to clear up.

To be honest, I've been freaked out about it all weekend.  She hasn't had breathing troubles or even acted like it's bothered her at all.  She says it's "fluffy and itches." But I'm sure all moms would agree, seeing your baby walk around with a purple swollen foot all weekend is tough.  It's always tough when you feel like you can't do anything for them. 

The silver lining to it all....now I have answers to both worries I've been carrying around since she was born. 

Oh, and on top of that....my paypal account was hacked into over the weekend and someone stole a hundred dollars from me (yes, that can easily happen, I've learned the hard way).  So, if you have an account with them, this is my warning to be careful.

So, that was our weekend in a nutshell.  It was honestly one of those weekends I was ready to be over with.

Here's to hoping for a better week! : )


Tristan said…
awww!! poor girl!! that looks pitiful :(

hope she is feeling better asap!

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