Slowing down and soaking it in.

I'm still here and I'm still pregnant.

We (as in Olivia and I) have slowed down a lot this week and pretty much laying low at home.  Reason being 1. we're car-less and 2. I've had a couple of scares in the last week, so I'm taking it easy....which really means we're at home doing nothing but watching netflix and reading.

In case your one of the two people who read and are not friends with me on instagram or fb, I ended up in the hospital on Saturday night for dehydration.  I hadn't been feeling good the couple of days before that, but on Saturday afternoon Olivia and I attended a birthday party and I started feeling really bad there, so we left a little early and headed home. I started having contractions around two and did everything I could that normally stops them, but after five hours of them coming steadily, we headed to the hospital.

Five hours at the hospital and two iv bags later, they were still coming, at one point, they were pretty sure they were going to keep me, but I hadn't dilated or showed any changes below.  Being that I was still only 37 weeks and a few days, the doctor on call really wanted to keep her in and only take her if it was the last choice.  A little after midnight, they gave me the choice to stay the night to be observed or go home.  I chose the later.  You get no sleep in a hospital.  So, they gave me a low dose of pain meds and sent us home.  A few people asked if I was upset they didn't take her and honestly, I was okay with them not taking her, I just wasn't okay with the contractions not stopping.  There was no way I was going to make it another nine days with the contractions I was having.  Thankfully though, they've pretty much completely stopped.

Then Wednesday I went in for my last appointment and I had high blood pressure (for me) on my first & second reading, so the tech started freaking out and saying I might be sent to the hospital.  Well, I started freaking out that I didn't want that to happen.  I only had to make it five days to my scheduled date and I'd like her to come then so I can get the doctor who is very familiar with my complications from the first time. Thankfully, she waited a bit and took it a third time and it was back to perfect, which is what it has been my entire pregnancy.

So, with all that in the past week, I've pretty much laid low the remainder of the week.  But, I'm actually feeling great the past two days, so it's probably been for the best.

Oh, and David's car broke down on Tuesday.  Since I only a few days left before I can't drive for a couple of weeks, I gave up my car and we weren't in a rush to get it fixed right away. 

In a way it's been kinda nice having the excuse "we don't have a car" however, I couldn't see it being a full time thing.  His is being taken today to be fixed and will be back in plenty of time before I get to drive again.

It's also been nice because I've been soaking up my last bit of time just her and I.

I'm surprised how emotional I've started to get about it all the sudden.  It's been just her and I for almost four years now.   It's funny because it seems like it's taken her and I awhile to find our happy medium with each other, as odd as that might sound about a mother & child.  It seems like we had just finally got into a groove and things are being shook up. 

But, I wouldn't trade that shake up for anything. 

We'll find a new groove soon enough I know.

So, that's all I got for now.  We are now less than four days till Amelia gets here and we're all ready for her arrival.

I'm sure things will be quiet on here for awhile, but I will try my best to let you know when she gets here.  I can guarantee facebook and instagram will be updated first, though I keep my facebook pretty private, you can follow on instagram (anmabrey).  I keep ig private, but as long as you don't look too crazy, I accept follow request.

Until next time...


Jennifer said…
Glad you're okay in spite of the scares! Take care of yourself and soak in all of that glorious rest - though I found out when I was on bedrest that it's never fun to have to rest when you're told to.

PS - Find me on Instagram, I'm jennsational. Would love to keep more in touch outside of the blog!

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