The soggiest/laziest July 4th ever!

I was already bummed that we wouldn't be spending July 4th at the beach with my family like we normally do, but then we had to go and have the wettest July fourth ever.

The weather men had been warning us all week, but seriously, it rained pretty much all day long.

Actually, it pretty much poured off and on all day.

So.....we were lazy pretty much all day.  In a way, it worked out because I hadn't been feeling very well the past couple of days.  The Braxton Hicks have suddenly hit with a vengeance, so I've been trying to lay low the past couple of days.  Olivia played or watched the ipad all morning while I laid on the couch and finished this months book club pick (just in time for Mondays meeting).

We did venture out for lunch at the Waffle House. 

She asked to go a couple of days ago and well, besides going to walmart, it was the only thing "American" I could think to do while it was pouring rain. 

Afterwards, we came home and took a nap, because what else is there to do on a rainy afternoon?

We did walk over (under our umbrella of course) to the in-laws that evening for a low country boil with a few of our neighbors.  We all huddled under the porch and tried to make the best of it.  Thankfully the good food somewhat made up for the rain.  Olivia and our neighbor's daughter did somehow convince Papaw to swim for a minute, but thunder forced them out after about only 15 minutes. 

Soon after that, Olivia started to complain about a tummy ache (I'm sure the homemade ice cream and cupcakes had nothing to do with it), so we headed home pretty early from the party and all curled up in bed to watch some tv/read.....I'm sure you didn't see that one coming. 

On top of all the rain, this was the first time Olivia and I have been in town on July 4th since she was born and David ended up having to work a 12 and a half hour day.  Ironically, July fourth is usually a pretty easy day for him and most years he's home early.  Of course, his first July fourth with her and he works

I guess it's a good thing all July fourth festivities got canceled anyway.

 Hope everyone else had a dry Independence Day!  


Tristan said…
weird!! this is tristan by the way..ha. not sure why it didn't say that in the last comment!
Tristan said… i don't see the last comment..oy!!

anyway..ha..hopefully next year is so wonderful you can't stand it! we had quite the soggy 4th too!
Sorry it was so wet :(
Hope you are feeling better soon! It's almost time!

Nicole said…
Wouldn't you know it NEVER rained at our house??? It's pouring now though and OF COURSE we had planned to catch fireworks at the speedway tonight since they cancelled last night even though it wasn't raining here! Can't get my American Pride on for nothing!

Time to hit that sandbar with some beer to make up for it!

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