First Day~July 2013

I missed last month, but I'm back for first day!

Here's peek at what we were up to yesterday...

I want to state that for the record, I woke up at 4am with Olivia rubbing my belly and it totally freaked me out.....let's not talk about how weird that is to start with.  After fighting for my side of the bed for an hour, at 5am I went and crawled into her bed. 

Summer hair = lazy hair

 Yes, it's just as it looks...he was lecturing his own mother.

 Can you tell she's a fan of salmon & mashed potatoes?

I told you we were dorks and we only watch public television.

 I also had a dr. appointment but I was in and out so fast, I didn't even get to snap a picture.  It was serious record time.  Basically got a thumbs up and "every thing looks good."  Exactly three weeks from today Amelia will be here!!! I cannot tell you how ready I am to meet her!!!!

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Anonymous said…
LOVE your first day ♥
Amy K.

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