The week of the plague or Thanksgiving 2012


We're back from the dead...literally.

When I last posted, we were heading into Thanksgiving week and looking forward to it, and then our house came down with the plague....think Spanish influenza kinda thing.  The only thing I was thankful for last week was the fact it wasn't worse....i.e. that three letter word that starts with a F and ends with a U.  We had some nasty colds.  The kinda colds that I seriously now looking back think we maybe should've gone to the doctor for.  Oh well, we survived.

By Saturday evening, I was whining to David that I felt like I had been sick forever, and then it hit me that I actually had only been sick since Thanksgiving night.  However, Olivia had been sick since the Saturday before, so her pain was my pain, right?  It could've been the fact that between her and I being sick, I hadn't had a full nights sleep in over a week by then.  I can promise you, I am not a pretty person when I have not had my sleep.  Which is why I'm still trying to figure out what I did to be punished with a child WHO DOES NOT SLEEP!!!!  However, that is a whole different post in itself.

Thankfully, we all seem to be back on the mend.  I felt better enough to head back to the gym this morning, so I guess that's saying something.

Our Thanksgiving was pretty standard for us.  Olivia and I headed up to eat lunch with David's side of the family and then we meet up with David and headed out for dinner with mine.  

I love the decorations and hype that surround Christmas, however, Thanksgiving is probably honestly my favorite.  Why???

 because I love food!!!

That casserole front and center would be my contribution....Paula Deen's corn casserole.  It's super easy and sooooo good.  It only has one stick of butter, promise!

 And here's the proof that I ate way too much....

Obviously, I need to learn how to suck it in and to not wear stripes on Thanksgiving.  We have already voted and decided that pictures need to take place "prior" to the Thanksgiving meal next year.

And Thanksgiving 2012 will also be known as " the Thanksgiving that Jeremy wore a tablecloth" ....

Jeremy wore a shirt that a few members of the family felt reminded them of a tablecloth and he got slack for it all night. 
Yes, that is one reason I am so thankful for my family....they can take a joke and have fun with it.  Those are the things that make memories, folks!

Being the good blogger that I am lately, all pictures were stolen from my cousin KP's facebook page.  I now just rely on her as my backup photographer. 

Oh, and the last picture was on facebook, so its fair game in this family!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! 


Kameron said…
I'm glad youre feeling better! We have been snotty here for 2 weeks and i have started feeling crappy today. I don't like winter for this reason! The food looks yummy though!

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