"I like this trick or treating!"

We survived Halloween 2012!

I will be the first to admit that since becoming a SAHM, there are very few days each year that I am gone from the house and going all day long.  Yesterday happened to be one of those rare days and I am worn slap out.  We left the house at 8:30am and did not walk back in the house till 10pm.  Why yes, it will take me three days to recover....

I've gotten some ridicule over the past few years because we would never take Olivia out to participate in "Halloween" activities.  In our defense, we both don't really get into Halloween.  No specific religious reasons and yes, we both celebrated it growing up, we just aren't that into it....now throw up some Christmas light and have some Kenny & Dolly Christmas music playing and I'm there!!! So, for the past few years, we opted to stay home and let her help give out candy instead of the traditional trick or treating. 

However, I knew those days were over because the girl has been practicing her "trick or treat" line for weeks now.

We started out Halloween 2012 at school trick or treating to the other classrooms.
Super cute idea!!!

Last year, at every school party David and I attended, Olivia would lose it and act a tad bit insane.  It got to the point that David and I didn't even attend a couple of them because it was that bad.  Last year at Halloween, she cried and had to be carried throughout the halls.....this year, girl was out in front and the first one to get candy at each stop...crazy the difference a year can make!

We attempted a picture when we got back to class, however, this was the best we could come up with.

After cupcakes and treats galore,  we got to listen to the Great Pumpkin share a story on how pumpkins grow.

And attempt at a class picture.

 After school we headed straight out to work on a project we've got going on.  Our afternoon consisted of a bag of popcorn for lunch and a 20 minute car nap.  I'm honestly surprised the kid and mom survived the rest of the night with no meltdowns whatsoever

We decided this year to trick or treat in my in-laws neighborhood.  They live in a smaller neighborhood and we know the majority of people that live in it.  Plus, their neighbor has a daughter who is nine and always so good with Olivia.  She walked around the neighborhood with Olivia before heading to a bigger neighborhood for a little extra candy.  It helps to trick or treat where people know you because they give you extra special treats and the good stuff. 

I noticed last night as Dave and I were raiding to eat checking to make sure all the candy was safe, that kids these days get much better candy than we got as kids.  There was not one single candy corn, off brand candy, or even tootsie roll in her bag.  Nothing but the good name brand stuff and a ton of chocolate!!! We may or may not have had a ten minute conversation about "kids these days...." Thank goodness someone needs to help her eat it all!!! : )

We ended our night with a quick stop to see Grandpa and my Meme so they could see her in all her princess glory.  On the way over she was sitting in the back seat saying "I'm tired!" That is seriously the first time those words have ever fell out of that child's mouth!!!  I looked at Dave and said "I think Halloween has been a success!"


Tristan said…
how fun!!!!
such a cute snow white!!

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