Thats what she said.

I know that title isn't very original, but its the only one I could think of today. 

Can I tell you how much I am loving the age that Olivia is at right now??? 

Three fits her well. 

She is so much fun and the stuff that comes out of her mouth at times is hilarious (to us at least).  The funny part is that nine times out of ten, she's not trying to be funny....which makes it even funnier.

I started a few months ago jotting down in my phone some of the funnier things that have came out of her mouth recently and the list is getting long, so I thought I'd share a few.

Me: (getting leftover pizza out of the fridge) "you want it heated up or cold?"
Olivia: "I want it freezing!"

Olivia: "Mommy, I need some money.
Me: "me too.  Sorry, I don't have any."
Olivia: "Daddy, do you have money?"
David: "A little bit."
Quiet for a minute
Olivia: "Daddy, can I have a little bit of money?"

Me: "I'm going to sell that ipad."
Olivia: "Good. Then I can get some money and will count it."

Me: "Livi, why are you so skinny?"
Olivia: "cause I don't wear clothes."

Just finished talking about Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims
Me: "Do you remember who we just talked about that came over on ships?"
Olivia: "Yeah, the pirates."

Some of her usual sayings:
"That's a wonderful idea!"
"Oh, dear!"

The best yet....


Tristan said… funny!
Kameron said…
I love the random things Arielle comes up with now too. I think 3 is my favorite age for cuteness factor! lol ( I posted that on network blogs thing thinking it would comment on the post. oops!)

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