I ditched a race, tried to burn down the house again, and almost became a cat snatcher...

  • I pretty much stayed off of social media all day yesterday...however, it looks like I needed to take today off too.  People on both sides of it kill me.....that's all I have to say about that.
  • You all know how I like to literally try to burn the house down (remember the candle and coffee beans from pinterest? I cannot find the post to link up in case you forgot but I'm pretty sure you all are now chuckling at the thought)...I woke up this morning and walked through the living room to realize a candle I lit yesterday at lunch was still burning!!!  I cannot be trusted with fire.
  • I know I'm usually the one trying to hurry up the Christmas season, but this year, I feel like its coming at me full force.  Our November schedule is insanely filled.  I had a little freak out yesterday when it hit me that NEXT weekend, we're heading to Nashville already to celebrate Thanksgiving! Not sure I'm ready for all this.  However, I am ready for the food....I'm always ready for the food.
  • I had to skip my first race this weekend.  It was for the best schedule wise, but it still sucked and I'm still kinda dwelling on it.  That being said, I signed up for this one and this one this morning to make up for it.  Now I'm just looking for some motivation to get out there.  The cold and rainy weather hasn't been doing much for my running lately.
  • We have been getting crafty all week at our house.  Olivia now everyday ask for a craft to do.  Olivia obviously falls into the "artsy" person category and kid would seriously do crafts all day long if you'd let her.  I'm thinking she might have a career as a hairdresser in her future because girl is OBSESSED with cutting stuff.  I even upgraded her from the plastic kid scissors to a metal kid pair and it was like giving a sixteen year old a brand new car.  Thankfully only construction paper has been cut to shreds.  If anyone is looking for Christmas gift ideas....ART SUPPLIES!!!! I'm going broke over here over construction paper.
  •  I have recently became obsessed with Chapsticks Candy Cane flavored chapstick.  I'm sure its just regular peppermint with a pretty new label and title, but I may or may not have started buying one or two tubes each time I see them at the store and I haven't even finished the first tube I bought a couple of weeks ago.  I may not stock my pantry ever, but by golly, I have a years supply of chapstick!
  •  Can I tell you how much I love Duck Dynasty!?!?  It's the only show right now that we never miss each week and we seriously are throwing out Uncle Sid quotes all the time at each other.  I wish I had a Uncle Sid in my family.  
  • Last week while I was out running, I ran down a side street that I normally don't run on.  I saw a cat that looked just like our missing Twiggy.  I stopped running immediately and asked the cat twenty times "Twiggy, is that you?" Obviously, the cat did not respond.  After it finally stopped a second for me to get a good look, I saw she didn't have the distinct Twiggy feature with the out-turned paw, so I went on my way.  I'm pretty sure a few of the neighbors were thinking I was a cat snatcher.
  •  You know how I proclaimed I was not a Tori Spelling fan last Spring? Well, come to find out, we're actually kindred spirits now Tori and I.  Did you hear that the same thing that happened to me, happened to Tori also??? How crazy is that???  I have now heard of it happening to two other people (the other is an acquaintance I know)!  Not saying all this to scare others, but I just cannot get over how crazy it is.


Tristan said…
omg..when i read that about tori, i thought of you!!

seriously,duck dynasty..LOL..i loove it..and i totally have an uncle like Si, omg..hald my family is like those crazy men..lol..it's like watching a reality tv show around here..lol!!

yay for crafts!!

and you should really just get some scentsy in your house before you burn it down.

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