The post were I tell you about something big that happened and I didn't share till weeks later...

How do you like that title? 

So, I for real this time have an legit excuse for why I haven't been around (blog world and real life) these past few weeks.

We moved.

A couple of weeks ago, we packed up our house and moved about forty minutes up the road. 

We didn't tell anyone but a few people because we honestly weren't 100 % sure until literally a week before moving day, that we were actually moving.  Since it seems as though anytime I say something is going to happen, it doesn't, we decided to wait to say until we knew for sure....which felt like the day we actually moved in and now it's become that awkward moment in conversation when it comes up. "Oh, by the way....we moved!!!"

The past few weeks we've been busy painting the new house and packing up the old.  Then we actually moved and I've spent the past week or so trying to unpack the boxes that seem to be overtaking us.

After a couple of weeks of praying and weighing the pros and cons, we strongly feel that where we are now is where our family needs to be and decided to go ahead with the move.

We are now much closer to where Dave works, we're less than ten minutes from a Starbucks and Target (I promise I've only been to Target once so far....Starbucks however, not the case), and best yet, we moved one door down from my in-laws!!!

Yes, I love them so much that I moved just one house down from theirs and yes, that was the biggest factor in the deciding to not pass up this opportunity. 

After almost two weeks of being moved in, I can say that we're loving it and so happy we went ahead with it.  David is home earlier since he's shaved off an hours drive time each way. We're saving gas not only with work, but also in the family car, since we usually drove up this way 2-4 times a week to visit the parents.  Its so nice to make a less than five minute walk when we leave their house, instead of the close to 40 minute drive we were use to making. 

The house needs a few minor updates and we're fortunate enough to have a landlord that has giving us the green light to do whatever I want with it.  He already let me pick out the paint color and new carpet.  We won't be doing anything extreme obviously, but David has agreed to update the 90's vinyl floor in the kitchen and in tearing down the 80's wallpaper in the master bath after Christmas  (the landlord is not replacing them because nothing is wrong with them besides the fact they are 90's decor, but since I'm sorta kinda into home decorating, my husband has agreed to keep me happy under a certain price).  I'm not sure what was worse in the 80's/90's, the clothes or the house decor.  All I can say is that we loved some mauve and flowers back in the day!!!

And because I know people will ask, our old house is still for sale.

I figured I might need to explain since if I start posting pictures again soon, it's pretty obvious we're not in our old place.

So, that's where I've been lately...moving.  That's a legit excuse, right?


Tristan said…
wow! big step..sounds like a happy change, congrats!!
Kameron said…
I totally missed this somehow! Commuting is awful, so I am happy for you guys that you are closer to work and family. :)

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