First Day~November 2012


 photo by Olivia : )

Linking up with Nicole:


What a happy day. The baby on the bike with her- too cute!
Anonymous said…
I think you got a full day on your "first day"...5:01???? Seriously???? Wowzer! And, I though 5:30 was redonculous :D Love the pictures...and the coffee mug ♥
Amy K.
Chelsea said…
I need your coffee mug!!! Love the smiles! Lydia is wearing monkey pajamas today. On the 2nd day! :-)
Tristan said…
omg. we haven't seen 5 around here for about a week,

love the felt christmas tree..and your mini-me, my goodness she looks so much like you!!
Sarah said…
Lots of fun crafts you did! Looks like it was a nice sunny day too :)

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