A good kid.

A few months ago, I came across this pin on pinterest.

I repined it and honestly it hadn't crossed my mind since.

One of my biggest things as a parent is raising a child who isn't selfish.  It's my one thing I do not budge on (that and her behavior in public). 

I want her to be strong, a leader, to stand up for herself, and to go after what she wants, but I also want her to think of others.

I've spent years around kids now and honestly, it's one of those things that I find myself steaming when I see kids constantly being selfish.  When you see kids who constantly are doing that "here you play with the crappy toy, while I play with this brand new one." or "I'll use these twenty crayons, while you can only use these five."  That kind of stuff makes my hair curl and I have to bite my tongue.

Yes, a lot of that is just naturally being a kid.  Yes, we're all selfish.  I'm selfish every single day.  However, I feel strongly that parents are the key to derail a lot of that natural selfishness.  I feel like these days I see a lot of parents doing the exact opposite of that to be honest.  The problem with that is those selfish kids turn out to be selfish adults.

The night that we went to the trunk or treat at her school, my heart swelled with pride as I watched her.

Each car we walked up to, kids were sticking their hands in and grabbing hands full of candy.  I watched as my little girl at each car would walk up, take just one piece of candy to stick in her bag and say a big "Thank you." At almost each stop they would tell her she could have more, but she kindly said "no thank you" or "that's all I need."

As we walked around, that quote popped into my head.  I often get so wrapped up in making sure she's doing the right thing, that I often don't realize that its already sinking in.  At only three, she was already thinking about the other kids who were also there to get candy. 

I know some might think I'm putting way too much into this, I mean, it is just Halloween candy and kids are excited, but I feel like those little actions are the things that speak the most. Though I agree its important to teach kids to tithe and give to charity, I think it starts with the everyday things that mean the most to them....like their toys or even Halloween candy and that night, I don't think I have ever been prouder.


Tristan said…
aw,yay OK!

I need to remember that too,because we went to a bday party this past weekend,omg..the kids were crazy and trying to get the babies present and in the way..and T-A stood right in front of me like a good girl!!

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