The Sickies & School Issues...already.

We have a touch of the sickies at our house.

I joked to David that we just went to look at new schools and she woke up sick the next day.  Though I'm fully aware that it doesn't happen that fast, it was still a funny coincidence.

I'm 95% sure its just a cold with a little sore throat, but its kinda freaked me out because this is the first time she's been sick and she has been able to tell me what hurts.  She's repeatedly told me how "I don't feels well." and it breaks my heart every time I hear her say it.  We've been laying low and watching way too much Caillou on Netflix.  I think we'll have to skip dance tonight and I'm not looking forward to breaking that news to her.

We got a call from the preschool we were most impressed with on Tuesday and they are willing to accept her into one of their preschool classes.  I will admit that my mommy pride was flying high yesterday when they said they were highly impressed with her.  Soooo, that was a little relief yesterday.  We're still not a 100% sure which class she'll end up in.  She seems to fit in better with the three year old class, but she should technically be in the two year old class.

At the visitation on Tuesday, they were already talking about what to do with her in a couple of years when its time for kindergarten and having her repeat kindergarten twice and I was just like "Whoa, Whoa, Whoa...."  That is way too far for me to think about.  I think most parents or child care givers will agree that there is a huge difference in kids between the ages 2-3.  I think that by the end of the year, the other two year olds will be caught up to her, so I haven't ever really worried about it much before.  However, we still want her to be challenged and to be 100% honest with you, she never plays with kids her age (she calls them "babies").  Her best playmates are  ages 5, 7, & those factors make us lean towards the putting her in a class higher. 

I honestly never thought we would already be having these conversations already.

After spitting all that out, we're most likely going to put her in the two year old class and if she needs to be moved up, the director has already told me to just say when and they'll move her up. 

In other news, we still have yet to hear anything about the house inspection Monday.  No news is good news, so though I'm not quite ready to breathe yet, my nervousness over it all is starting to fade.  They have till tomorrow afternoon to address anything, so then I'll quit breathing into my brown paper bag and focus my nervousness on the appraisal instead. Gotta have something to fret about! : )

I told Nic last night that all of it is working out so easily and perfectly (selling the house, finding somewhere to rent, move in dates, etc.) that either it really is all meant to be or it's all about to fall apart at any moment.  She text messaged yelled at me to not say that, but when things start working out too perfectly, I get a little scared.  I consider myself an optimist, but I also consider myself a realist.

And no, I haven't began to pack the first box yet.  I'm afraid to jinx anything.

So what's your thoughts on moving her up in pre-k ?  Is it too early to be thinking about that stuff already? Do I have valid concerns over her not being challenged?  Should I just keep her with her age group since she already has social issues with kids her age?  Or am I just putting way too much into this all together?


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