• Olivia has seemed to be very needy these past two weeks and taking up a lot of my time (hence the lack of blogging suddenly).  However, its starting to wear on me and I'm ready for a break.  I'm trying, I'm really trying. 
  • I've been sooooo over the heat and ready for fall.  It's sad when you get excited about "low 80's." Don't worry, I'll make sure to complain to you all again next week about it, because I am the only one suffering!!! : )
  • We've had strong storms every afternoon for the last two weeks and I'm loving them.  It always seems like a good excuse to cuddle up and read or watch endless episodes of Arthur. 
  • I've been feeling kinda lonely.  Dave has been away for work a lot lately and it seems like everyone else is busy with the beginning of school or fitting in last minute summer plans, so I've felt like a loner lately.  This is the downside of being a parent of small children and staying home, its easy to feel lonely.  
  • I've been counting down the days till Dave and I's first "just us" trip in over four years. Yeah, you read that right.
  • It's been only three showings in three weeks, but I'm already over this house selling junk.  It's so stressful getting the house ready with a two year old around. I'm trying to convince Dave to not put it up for sale till we move out, but he's not buying the idea.  
  • I've been in need of a laptop (there is my plea for today, babe!
  • I've been so over the constant arguments that have no right or wrong answers and no end.  The working/sah mom war, the eat chicken or not war, the breast feeding/formula war, homeschool/public school.....I'm over them all. Do what is best for you/your family or what you feel to be right and can live with.  That person has to live with the decisions they make, not you.  I look around and feel like a new word many need to learn is TOLERANCE.    
  • My running has sucked to honestly with you.  I haven't been following any type of training schedule and I haven't even gotten in a long run in two weeks.  I'm lucky to get in three runs a week.  I'm seriously blaming the heat on this one.  It's either get up at 4:30am or run in 90 degrees at night....let me tell ya, neither are fun! 
  •  I've started getting a headache every afternoon for the past week.  It hits at the same time everyday and I feel useless for the rest of the evening.  Nothing diet or lifestyle has changed, so I have no clue where its coming from.  I'm pretty sure Dave is starting to think I'm crazy though.


Hope your week improves!!!
Kameron said…
Sometimes you get into a rut and need to mix it up a bit. I feel you. Had I not just had my BlogHer adventure I'd be rocking a case of the blahs! I hope it cools off soon! I hate running in the heat.
Tolerance would be a great word for people to add to their vocabulary! Its Thursday! So you are almost there. Hope you have a good weekend! love you!

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