Still here.

I keep sitting down to write something, but nothing seems to be coming out.

Life has been kinda crazy lately. 

Lots going on, but not all of it is mine to share.

What is mine to share....

~I turned 30 last week.   
That I guess really deserves a post all in its on.

~I turned 30 and seriously have felt like I've started falling apart physically.  

In the words of a friend of ours "I turned 30, woke up the next day, and everything just hurt!"  That is seriously how I have felt these past two weeks. 

~We had our home inspection this morning. 

So far, we haven't heard anything back, but praying its nothing but good news. 

~We have found somewhere to live at the end of next month when (fingers crossed) we officially sale our house.

More on that later when we have a for sure about how the inspection went.

 ~I withdrew Olivia from her pre-school that she was supposed to start today and we're going tomorrow to look at new ones near where we will hopefully be living in a month.

Can you tell I'm being very careful about getting my hopes up too soon about the house?

~After running only a handful of times during August and having a crazy next month, I decided to still go for the 1/2 at the end of September and officially registered this morning.  So, no going back now.

I guess I could technically, but I would be out $100 flipping dollars. Who says running is a cheap sport???  If you gave me birthday money, you now know what I spent it on....torturing myself!!!

And yes Alison, I am officially wishy-washy like you're thinking about now or maybe I'm just crazy? 

~Olivia has officially seemed to give up clothes.  

She wears them out, but strips to nothing but undies the moment we walk in EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.  I've given up.

So,  that's been life around here lately.

 *blurry, but still cute.*

Happy Monday.


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