Our Tiny Dancer

Well, her dance career officially began last night. 

 (Please forgive the crappy cell phone pics, I grabbed my real camera only to get there and realize it was completely dead....cue the tears and call me a bad blogger)

I was honestly more nervous over her first day of dance than I was her first day of preschool. Reason being, they officially can start when they are three, but they allow almost three year olds "try" it.  If they behave do well, they can stay, if not, come back later please.  She has been talking about dance for the past six months and since its the first thing she's actually been interested in, I didn't want her to be disappointed if they thought she wasn't ready. 

Being that Olivia is so close to being three,  I probably shouldn't have worried, but I know my child.

We've been having to have serious talks the week before over how she had to listen to Ms. K and the other teachers and how even though she watches Angelina Ballerina all the time, she is not a professional ballerina like she thinks she is. 

I live with a two year old who KNOWS-IT-ALL already.

Cue the chuckles from my family.  Yes, I realize I'm totally getting it handed back to me. 

I cannot imagine what it will be like in a few years.  At two, her and I already argue over whether the sky is blue or not. True story. 


I could tell she wasn't listening too well at first, but about halfway through, she seemed to get the hint that she had to follow Ms. K's rules.   After that, she was doing pretty awesome.  I think it was just a lot of excitement at first.  I was just glad I wasn't a mom who had to stick my head in for behavior corrections or my kid wasn't the one who had to be sent out twice (let's take a moment to feel for that mom, because we've all been there before haven't we?).  Considering we didn't have to deal with either of those, I considered it a success.

Oh and either she watches way too much Angelina Ballerina or she seriously has some natural talent for it.  I'm being serious. I'm not just being that "oh my kid is the best" parent. At certain points, she actually looked like she actually knew what she was doing.  Plus, she walks on her tippy toes ALL THE TIME....isn't that a "dancer" thing?  She said her favorite was tap, but I was expecting that since she's been walking around in the tap shoes for the past month. 

As you can see, she was getting down during the tap portion. Obviously she watches a lot of Fresh Beat Band too.

 They said they would see her next week, so I guess it's safe to say we can stick around.


Anonymous said…
Amy King
Tristan said…
yay OK! ohmygosh..she is so stinkin cute!!!!
Kameron said…
OMGosh! I am going to die! I was going to look into dance for Arielle too, but am going to wait until she's a little closer to 3. She has ants in her pants and I am afraid she won't sit still at all!

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